Snooker Quiz Answers

Here are the quiz answers. How many did you get right?

Qu.1 Jimmy was at Buckingham Palace receiving his MBE from the Queen.
Qu.2 Apparently he turned his back on the Queen instead of backing away!
Qu.3 Six times
Qu.4 Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins
Qu.5 The Whirlwind
Qu.6 Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins, 'Typhoon' James Wattana
Qu.7 Ronnie O'Sullivan, Dennis Taylor, Fred Davis (probably others too)
Qu.8 Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis (Dennis Taylor won 18-17)
Qu.9 Ray Reardon (six times), Steve Davis (six times) and Stephen Hendry (seven times)
Qu.10 Terry Griffiths
Qu.11 Cliff Thorburn and Doug Mountjoy (69 minutes)
Qu.12 Ray Reardon
Qu.13 1972 and 1982
Qu.14 Ken Doherty
Qu.15 Dennis Taylor

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