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(or The Butcher of Provence)

The Aliens wrote this book, really, or so they think. Over the course of the centuries, they have been subtly, or not so subtly, altering the characteristics of certain human beings to create the super-hero or the super-villain.

Two such 'subjects' of experiment are an American, Byron Stevens, who can, suddenly, psychically acquire knowledge and see things denied to others, and Julian Cottrill, an Englishman, who can move or change things by mental suggestion. Both men use their 'powers' to their own advantage (but only when 'allowed to' by them).

Who is the third 'subject', who begins to murder young women in the South of France? What will happen when the paths of all three inevitably cross? And who is the other Englishman with a hammer hidden in the boot of his car?

Find out in Joint Operation, available only by e-mail attachment!

Joint Operation is copyright and the Author retains his rights to the book as an original work, but he is prepared to release it on floppy disc or e-mail attachment to the general public providing these rights are not infringed. Any attempt to publish, copy, or distribute any part of this work in printed, electronic, Internet or other form will result in legal action.

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