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Snooker Crossword Competition

Here is a crossword based on snooker (as this is not interactive, you can save it as crossword.htm to your hard disc and print it out). As there is no longer a printed magazine, this is just a bit of fun for you.

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4 One of the Scottish wizards (4,7)
5 Does his star sign improve his trickshots? (5)
8 You don't get one in a snooker set! (4,4)
10 Three ladies with one surname (6)
14 1991 Champion and TV personality (7)
15 Fast and furious, just like the wind (9)
16 Perhaps this player travelled in luxury (6)
17 James is a star in this country (8)
18 This commentator does not support Liverpool (7)
1 Ball-crushing referee (3,6)
2 Steve's golden nickname (6)
3 This champion was not Steve's father! (3,5)
6 He didn't give most of us maximum pleasure (8)
7 Is he related to Irish Liz? (6,6)
9 Popular star turned his back on the Queen! (5,5)
11 Did Davidson get his on this programme? (3,5)
12 Recent home of the World Championship (8)
13 Big Bill's favourite drink (5)

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