The Winners From Placed Form System

I have been a keen student of horse racing form for a number of years and consider myself something of a form expert. Over the years I have noticed particular patterns of running in horse racing which often culminate in horses winning or running particularly well in a specific race. From this knowledge I have compiled a horse racing system aimed at pinpointing the horses that I think are going to win or make a winning attempt.

This system is entitled "Winners From Placed Form" and has been sold very successfully on eBay with no negative feedback comments received so far. It has produced large numbers of winners and placed horses over a period of time, including winners at 100/1 (Grand National), 66/1, 33/1, etc.

To use this system you only have to study the form figures of horses in any race (available online or in a newspaper) and select horses clearly indicated by the system. Naturally not every selection will be successful, but a large percentage perform very well each day.

This system is available by email for £5 only (payment by Paypal). You may never buy a better system! Please contact me for details.

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