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(17th August) I have suspended free selections on this page for the foreseeable future. For the present I shall be passing on my selections by subscription only, at a reduced rate of £7 per week or £22 per month, so if you want to share my sometimes wayward, sometimes brilliant, but always thoughtful and honest, selections, please email me anytime. Note: Many of my selections do not win on the day, but win sometime later, so it is worth noting them for the future. Indeed several have won since! They are always picked because they are due a win, and the subscription is worth it just to get a list of potential future winners. However, I will continue to post my results here after racing. Have a look at my results recently: Winners at 40/1, 33/1, 25/1, 22/1, 20/1, 20/1, 18/1, 16/1 nap, 16/1, 16/1 nap again, 14/1, 14/1, 14/1, 14/1, 12/1, 12/1, 12/1, 12/1, 12/1, 11/1, 10/1, 9/1, 8/1, 8/1, 7/1, 7/1,11/2, 9/2, 4/1 and 5/2, etc, plus places at 50/1, 40/1, 25/1, 20/1, 20/1, 16/1, etc!, including a number of firsts and seconds (with good forecast returns) in the same race! All of these were genuinely sent out around midday!

28th November: Braddock (unplaced)/Song Of Praise (fourth)(2.15 Kemp) Kings Caprice (led most, unplaced - 7 furlongs next time?)/Provost (fourth) (4.20 Kemp) Record Breaker (unplaced - next time, preferably with no claimer!)/Bow To No One (fourth)(4.50 Kemp) Sovereignty (third 11/2)/Super Frank (5.20 Kemp) Ede's Dot Com (right there, unplaced - due soon)/Nacho Libre (won 8/1!) (5.50 Kemp). Well, I did get a winner eventually, but those fourth places drive me up the wall!

27th November: No selections today.

26th November: Sam Patch (unplaced)/Vallani (fifth)(12.10 Muss) Traphalgar (won 100/30!)/Robby Bobby (third 9/4)(12.50 Ling) Lordsbridge (second 25/1)/Miss Sarenne (pulled up)(1.00 New) Fromsong (second 12/1)/Cape Royal (fourth)(1.25 Ling) Racing Demon (fifth)/Quickbeam (sixth)(1.35 New) Tranos (nap) (fourth)/Storm Prospect (won 100/30!)(1.15 Muss) Pillar Of Hercules (fifth)/Long Distance (fourth)(2.25 Muss) Flash McGahon (unplaced)/Methaaly (third 16/1)(2.35 Ling) Aigle D'Or (won 13/2!) /Perce Rock (fell)(2.45 New) Ceremonial Jade (unplaced)(nb)/Viva Ronaldo (missed break, unplaced of course!)(3.05 Ling). Three winners and several places today!

25th November: Via Galilei (won 16/1!)/Laredo Sound (unplaced, although going well)(12.30 New) Nous Voila (fifth - thrown in when wanted)/South Bank (2.00 Utt) Regal Heights (unplaced - will do better soon)/The Vicar (fifth)(2.10 New) Puerto Azul (second 10/1)/Cantabilly (third 8/1)(2.20 Taunt) Laborec (second 9/1)/Black Apache (fourth)(2.35 Utt) Petroupetrov (third 50/1!)/Pairc Na Gcapall (unplaced - will do better soon) (2.55 Taunt) Aspolan (nb) (pulled up - must try now!)/Kilfinnan Castle (non runner)(3.05 Utt) Rapid Return (unplaced)/Terrible Tenant (unplaced - better soon)(3.30 Taunt) Brouhaha (missed break - unplaced)/Trip The Light (unplaced - due soon)(6.40 Wolv) Given A Choice (nap) (unplaced -must try soon)/Tres Froide (third 10/1)(7.10 Wolv). A 16/1 winner and some good places, including 50/1 today!

24th November: Highland Harvest (fourth - due soon!)/Pilgrim Dancer (unplaced) (12.30 Ling) Fishforcompliments (fourth - beaten about 1 length, 10/1)/Everymanforhimself (second 5/2) (1.00 Ling) Istron Bay (nb) (fell - will do better when completing)/Turn Up (third 10/1)(1.40 Weth) Pamak D'Airy (fifth)/Diamond Frontier (third) (1.50 Weth) Stow (won 8/1!)/Osolomio (unplaced - due soon!) (2.15 Chep) Final Verse (unplaced - was hacking, so look out next time!)/Humungous (unplaced - due soon)(2.40 Ling) Weald Park (unplaced - thrown in when wanted)/Diamond Twister (unplaced - probably next time out)(3.15 Ling) Wujood (pulled up - due soon)/Whatcanisay (fourth - due soon)(3.25 Chep) Folio (nap) (unplaced - thrown in soon)/Hits Only Cash (unplaced - will show soon) (3.45 Ling) Lupita (fourth)/The Composer (third 13/2) (3.55 Chep). Four fourths, a fifth and one winner today. All of my selections were best in, so it's only a question of waiting!

23rd November: Figaro Flyer (non runner)/Fathey (unplaced - due soon) (12.40 South) Soft Spoken Guy (pulled up)/Chamirey (third)(1.30 Sedg) Bonnie Prince Blue (nb) (won 6/1!)/Charles Parnell (unplaced - due again soon) (1.40 South) Nifty Roy (unplaced - will do better)/War Party (won 3/1!) (2.30 Sedg) Capable Guest (fourth)/Yossi (second 16/1) (2.40 South) Lucky Art/Guto (3.10 South) Rare Society /Matmata De Tendron (3.00 Ling) Alph (20/1 winner!)/Perfect Reward (second 6/1!) (£134.50 forecast!)(3.20 Ling) Prize Fighter (nap) (fourth - typical!)/Samizdat (fell) (3.30 Ling) Nevada Desert (second 12/1)/Daniel Thomas (unplaced - must try soon!)(3.40 South). Three winners including 20/1 and a fantastic forecast of £134 in one race! I am still ready to take on new subscribers to my daily selections, as I trebled my starting bank today! Email me for your subscription!

22nd November: Calusa Shadow (sixth)/George Nympton (third 16/1) (12.30 Kemp) Inchloch (fell)/Feeling Peckish (fourth) (1.10 Lud) Marodima (fifth)/Josephine Malines (second 7/2)(1.45 Lud) Smack That (non runner)/Oscar Gogo (third)(1.55 Ffos) Pacha D'Oudairies (nap) (second 17/2)/Mud Monkey (fell at the last!) (2.15 Lud) Lupanar (second 8/1)/Go Amwell (unplaced) (2.35 Kemp) Counting House/Native Taipan (3.00 Ffos) Jug Of Punch (second 7/1)/Woodlands Gem (won 12/1!) (£93.70 forecast!) (3.25 Lud) Cold Harbour (nb) (won 7/2!)/Loco Grande (fourth - due soon) (3.35 Ffos) Frosty's Gift (third 10/1)/Won More Knight (unplaced - will do better soon) (3.45 Kemp). Two winners and several places today, including a big forecast, so things are looking up for subscribers recently!

21st November: Magic Sky (fourth 14/1) /Moon Over Miami (unplaced)(12.35 Aint) Phar Again (fell)/Silver Dollars (third) (12.55 Towcs) Secret Tune (unplaced)/Heron Bay (third 6/1)(1.10 Aint) Teenage Idol (fifth)/Waltham Abbey (unplaced) (1.20 Kel) Royal Rosa (nap) (second 14/1)/Notre Pere (unplaced)(1.45 Aint) Woodlands Genpower (pulled up - will run better soon)/Kilvergan Boy (fourth - will also do better) (2.05 Towcs) Made In Japan (fourth - must win soon)/Jack The Blaster (fifth - seemed to be going better than anything!)(2.20 Aint) Front Rank (unplaced)/Quicuyo (unplaced) (2.30 Kel) Pocket Too (nb) (second 25/1)/Arthurian (well there - unplaced) (2.40 Towcs) Reelwill (third)/Rince Donn (second 9/2) (3.15 Towcs). A few good places today, but largely disappointing.

20th November: Charles Darwin (fifth - thrown in soon!)/Anjomarba (unplaced - well in when wanted) (12.15 Ling) Chjimes (fourth)/Resplendent Alpha (unplaced) (12.50 Ling) Teddys Reflection (won 14/1!)/Solitary Palm (12.55 Asc) Smack That (third 20/1)/Double Vodka (1.15 Hay) Giovanna (fourth)/Asturienne (third 7/2)(1.30 Asc) Mud Monkey (won 9/2!)/Massini Sunset (unplaced - due soon!)(2.15 Hunt) Icelandic (nb) (unplaced)/Spirit Of Sharjah (won 10/1!)(2.30 Ling) Tighe Caster (fourth)/Laustra Bad (second 5/1)(2.45 Hunt) Mister McGoldrick (won 9/2!)/Knight Legend (fourth) (3.15 Hunt) Manadam (nap) (sixth)/Acosta (second 12/1)(3.45 Hunt). Four winners, including 14/1 and 10/1, and several places today!

19th November: Cool Operator (second 5/1)/Farmers Cross (unplaced - will do better soon) (12.55 Muss) Sangfroid (fourth)/Karanja (pulled up - next time) (1.15 Exe) Faith And Reason (unplaced)/Pillar Of Hercules (second 9/2) (2.00 Muss) Dhaular Dhar (second 7/1)/Arabian Spirit (unplaced)(2.35 Muss) Spider Boy (fourth)/Arrayan (second 2/1) (3.35 Exe) Afsoun (unplaced) /Aegean Dawn (won 4/11) (3.55 Asc) Tisfreetdream/Verasi (3.20 Asc) Ninth House (nap) (unplaced)/Ravi River (second 5/1) (4.15 Wolv) Namu (nb) (sixth)/Musical Script (unplaced)(4.45 Wolv) Bushy Dell (unplaced)/Weybridge Light (unplaced)(5.45 Wolv) Acropolis (unplaced)/Royal Island (fifth)(7.45 Wolv)

18th November: Monsieur (third 11/2) /Cybergenic (unplaced)(1.30 Her) Mujamead (nap) (third 14/1) /Sumner (unplaced) (2.00 Her) Everyman (unplaced)/Coeur Brule (fifth)(2.30 Her) King Mak (led most, unplaced)/Stagecoach Opal (disputed much, unplaced) (2.40 Mkt) Outside Investor (third)/Rebel Melody (won 9/4) (2.50 Winc) Itea Du Fau (pulled up - will do better)/Fleur De Vassy (fourth) (3.00 Her) The Dukes Speech (fifth)/January (fourth)(3.20 Winc) Donovan (nb) (fifth)/Dark Gentleman (second 6/1)(3.40 Mkt) We're Delighted (led, unplaced)/Trump Call (unplaced) (3.50 Winc) Galpin Junior (sixth)/Cape Royal (second 14/1) (4.40 Wolv) Note: Monfils Monfils is thrown in for the 3.10 Mkt if out to win today (led most, fourth - thrown in soon). A winner and a few places today, but it is so difficult to predict how they will run!

17th November: Joyously (unplaced - best in, will do better)/History Repeating (unplaced)(1.20 Ling) Glengarra (unplaced)/Mylord Collonges (second 9/1) (1.30 War) Phluke (fourth) /Straight And Level (unplaced) (1.50 Ling) Euro American (fifth)/Manoubi (unplaced)(2.10 Hex) Maze (nap) (unplaced)/Cymflynder (2.20 Ling) Tartan Snow (going well before it fell) /Tifoso (third)(3.10 Hex) Jackson/Sir Boss (third 7/1) (3.20 Ling) Williams Way (nb) (won 13/2!)/Vinces (unplaced)(3.50 Ling) Jonny Ebeneezer (unplaced)/Barraland (fourth, beaten about 2 lengths) (4.40 Kemp) Gallantry (unplaced - due now)/Dvinsky (fourth)(7.40 Kemp)

16th November: Elkhorn (unplaced)/Bravely (disputed most, fourth)(12.20 South) Dansilver (second)/Satindra (1.00 Fak) Wishes Or Watches (fell)/Fongoli (second 11/4) (1.30 Fak) White Deer (nap) (third 13/2) /Special Cuvee (second 6/1) (2.20 South) Stradbrook (fourth)/Oncle Kid (unplaced) (2.40 Folk) Tag Team (unplaced - due very soon)/Lethal (unplaced - likewise) (2.50 South) Kinkeel (unplaced - must win soon)/Feeling Peckish (third) (3.00 Fak) Bel Cantor (unplaced - due very soon) /San Antonio (fifth - also due soon) (3.20 South) Chalice Welcome (fourth)/Dr Finley (third) (3.30 Folk) Black Falcon (nb) (ran on strongly, unplaced - thrown in soon)/Credential (non runner) (3.50 South). Hard work getting them to run well today!

15th November: Arnold Layne (second 9/2)/Hever Road (third) (1.20 Leics) Landucci (unplaced)/William Morgan (unplaced)(2.10 Wolv) High Oscar (nap) (second 15/2)/Sumdancer (fourth) (2.30 Plum) Archie Rice (fifth)/Houston Dynimo (third) (2.40 Wolv) Calatagan (fourth again!)/Numide (second 5/1) (2.50 Leics) Monash Lad (fifth)/Wheres Johnny (second 20/1) (3.00 Plum) Chocolate Caramel (ran on late, unplaced)/Red Kestrel (led early, unplaced - must win soon)(3.40 Wolv) Kielder Rise (last - will do better)/Jaunty Dove (unplaced)(3.50 Leics) Angus Newz (nb) (unplaced)/Just For Mary (unplaced - will do better soon)(4.10 Wolv) Eastern Gift (third 20/1)/Lord Theo (unplaced) (4.40 Wolv). A number of good places today. A pity that several of them didn't win as the best in!

14th November: Kingscourt Lad (led much, unplaced - will show soon)/Baltrap (unplaced - well in for the future)(1.00 Mkt) Degas Art (second)/Dontpaytheferryman (third) (1.35 Mkt) Ned Ludd (second 17/2)/Warnes Way (won 7/2!) (£32.04 forecast!) (2.00 Font) Ursis (won 5/1)/Victorias Groom (second 5/1) (£28.67 forecast!)(2.10 Mkt) Culcabock (unplaced)/Olofi (fifth) (2.20 Chelt) Pennek (third 4/1)/Quinder Spring (won 9/4)(2.45 Mkt) Riptide (unplaced)/Heez A Cracker (unplaced)(2.55 Chelt) Petite Margot (pulled up at the last when running on!)/Pass me By (third 20/1)(3.10 Font) Kerkabellec (nap) (led most, dropped out!)/Sycho Fred (fourth)(3.20 Mkt) Supercede (non runner)/Yabora (led most of the way, unplaced - will do better)(3.30 Chelt). Three winners, including two forecasts and a number of places today!

13th November: Ivory Lace (unplaced - due soon)/Woolston Ferry (unplaced - also due)(1.00 Ling) Baby Dottie (won 10/11)/Young Simon (third) (1.30 Ling) Wind Instrument/Ballyfitz (1.55 Chelt) Highland Harvest/White Shift (2.00 Ling) Resplendent Alpha (second 9/1)/Charles Darwin (unplaced - due soon)(2.30 Ling) Catch me (nap) (unplaced)/Pigeon Island (unplaced) (2.35 Chelt) Is It Me (led most, unplaced - will do better)/Nozic (unplaced - likewise)(3.10 Chelt) Nous Voila (non runner)/Flying Squad (non runner)(3.20 Utt) Ballinteni (unplaced)/Caught By Witness (well there - unplaced)(3.40 Chelt) Lunar River (nb) (sixth)/Ocean Countess (seventh)(4.00 Ling). Not one of my greatest triumphs today, with one winner and a place, but it is a Saturday, when old form seems to count for little!

12th November: Knowhere (third 7/1)/Cornish Sett (fell)(1.15 Chelt) Cute N You Know It (unplaced - due soon)/Appeal Denied (unplaced - also due now) (1.40 New) Tranos (nb) (fell - best in, so next time?)/Something Silver (third - typical!) (2.15 New) Star Of Germany (unplaced)/Daves Dream (won 100/30) (2.25 Chelt) Aviso (unplaced - thrown in when wanted) /Prince Of Thebes (fourth) (3.15 Ling) Rare Society (unplaced - due soon)/Border Reiver (well there, going well, unplaced - due soon)(3.25 New) Ponmeoath (unplaced - win in Ireland?)/Mickmacmagoole (unplaced)(3.35 Chelt) Suhailah (fourth)/Naheell (won 11/4)(3.45 Ling) Royal Envoy (nap) (unplaced - well, 40/1 for that stable is not promising! - best in, so draw your own conclusions)/Desert Strike (won 12/1!)(5.20 Wolv) Almaty Express (third 6/1)/Spoof Master (unplaced - must try soon)(5.50 Wolv) Seradim (unplaced - due soon)/Baylini (second 8/1)(7.50 Wolv). Three winners, including 12/1, and a number of places today.

11th November: Byron Bay/Isabelle Romee (12.50 South) Topflight Wildbird (third 8/1)/Playing With Fire (fifth)(1.10 Taunt) Norcroft (unplaced - will do better)/Fathey (led much, fifth) (1.20 South) Abbondanza (nap) (well there most of the way, unplaced - should have won this race, so keep it in mind)/Fault (second 12/1) (1.50 South) Tisfreetdream (pulled up)/Ordre De Bataille (pulled up)(2.00 Lud) Rojaaba (led, raced away, then packed up! Best in here, so will do better) /Rapid Return (unplaced - will do better) (2.40 Taunt) Galpin Junior (second 18/1)/Colorus (led, unplaced)(2.50 South) Nothing Is Forever (led most, fifth) /Stir On The Sea (non runner) (3.10 Taunt) Colliers Court (third 14/1)/Kyoto (unplaced)(3.40 Taunt) Yossi (nb) (fourth)/Kingaroo (won 22/1!) (3.50 South). Well, a 22/1 winner and a few good places today, which is an improvement on yesterday!

10th November: I didn't give any selections today, but had a number of winners myself, including Monsieur 5/1, Podgies Boy 9/2, Rowan Spirit 8/1 and Victorian Bounty 14/1! It's always the way when you don't give horses on a particular day!

9th November: Midnight Diamond (second 7/2)/Delgany Gunner (fourth)(1.40 Ling) Captain Becket (unplaced) /Scotsbrook Cloud (fourth) (1.50 Exe) Julius Caesar (unplaced) /Lahib The Fifth (fourth)(2.00 Sedg) Bobby Donald (sixth)/Oponce (third) (2.40 Ling) Teenage Idol (nb) (unplaced - well in soon)/Premier Dane (unplaced - also due) (3.00 Sedg) Marodima (nap) (fifth)/Vinmix De Bessy (non runner) (3.10 Ling) Manmoon (fourth)/Whatcanisay (third) (3.20 Exe) Schinken Otto (won 9/1!)/Panthers Run (third 10/1)(3.30 Sedg) Just Beware (second 9/2)/Al Amaan (unplaced)(3.40 Ling) Harcas (pulled up - due soon)/Tiger King (pulled up - likewise) (4.00 Sedg). A 9/1 winner and a few places today. When will the day come when they all run to form together? That will be a miracle!

8th November: Ortega (unplaced)/Donald Will Do (unplaced)(1.10 South) Kings Caprice (nap) (fifth)/Desert Falls (unplaced)(1.30 Wolv) Lukey Luke (third 9/2) /Play The Rock (fourth)(1.55 Car) Royal Box (led most, unplaced - will do better soon)/Key Light (unplaced)(2.05 Wolv) Phar Again (nb) (unplaced - thrown in soon) /Inchloch (unplaced - next time?)(2.45 South) Kingcraighe (led much - unplaced)/Looksmart (unplaced) (3.10 Wolv) Master Sebastian (fifth) /Star Player (third 7/2) (3.30 Car) Meydan Dubai (unplaced - thrown in now)/Hart Of Gold (led most, unplaced)(3.40 Wolv) Admirals Way (unplaced)/Morocchius (fourth)(3.55 South) Spectait (sixth)/Lastkingofscotland (fifth) (4.45 Wolv). Two places today, plus the usual smattering of fourths and fifths - probably the worst ever. Can only get better! What a waste of research time!

7th November: Jug Of Punch (unplaced)/Rojaaba (unplaced) (1.30 Her) Marked Man (fell)/Bobby Bullock (won evs) (2.00 Her) Railway Park (fourth)/Art Exhibition (pulled up) (2.25 Mkt) Moon Over Miami (won 13/2!)/Enlightenment (fell when in the lead at the last!)(2.45 Ffos) Diktalina (unplaced - will do better)/Josephine Malines (fourth - due soon)(3.05 Her) Harouet (won 3/1!) /Money Order (unplaced)(3.20 Ffos) Tot O'Whiskey (unplaced - will do better) /Whatboutya (third) (3.30 Mkt) Temple Place (nap) (fifth - must win soon)/I'm The Decider (unplaced - will also do better)(3.40 Her) Kerkabellec (unplaced)/Donovan (third)(4.05 Mkt) Stage Right (nb) (unplaced - next time!)/Ruby Valentine (won 13/2!)(4.15 Her). Better! Four winners today, including two at 13/2, rather better than my usual quota recently!

6th November: Lemon Silk (nap) (second 15/2)/Apache Chant (unplaced)(12.45 Sand) Storm Prospect (fifth)/More Equity (second 4/1) (1.00 Kel) Pacha D'Oudairies (fifth)/Sir Harry Cool (third) (1.10 Winc) Serenas Pride (unplaced - will do better soon)/Hortensis (unplaced - keep it in mind)(1.25 Donc) Advanced (unplaced)/Eton Rifles (second 10/1) (2.00 Donc) Rambling Minster (second 20/1)/Wild Cane Ridge (led most , unplaced - must win soon) (2.05 Kel) The Betchworth Kid (second 12/1)/Jo'burg (unplaced - due soon)(3.10 Donc) Ellerslie George (third 16/1)/Irish Raptor (unplaced)(3.20 Winc) Tax Free (unplaced - due soon)/Hitchens (second 11/2) (3.40 Donc) Front Rank (unplaced - due again soon)/Just Posh (fifth) (3.45 Kel) River Falcon (nb) (unplaced - due again soon)/Magic Cat (unplaced - thrown in again when wanted) (4.10 Donc). Several good places today, providing lots of excitement, but no winners, unfortunately!

5th November: Manoubi (second 7/2)/Cloudmor (unplaced)(1.40 Hex) Colorus (third 12/1)/Equuleus Pictor (unplaced, must do better soon) (2.00 South) Bombie Boy (unplaced - will do better)/Knight Valliant (second 3/1)(2.10 Hex) Grande Caiman (third 13/2) /Ra Junior (unplaced)(2.30 South) Lidjo De Rouge (nap) (unplaced - best in today)/Take A Mile (second 15/2) (2.50 Font) Blue Zephyr (unplaced)/Brink (unplaced)(3.00 South) Dalrymple (unplaced - well it was 40/1 for a reason!) /Lepido (second 100/30) (3.20 Font) Monfils Monfils (nb) (fourth, but right there and will do better!) /Hunters Belt (won 13/2!)(4.00 South) Lerida (unplaced - must win soon)/Tiger King (unplaced - likewise)(4.10 Hex) Wishes Or Watches (fourth)/Fongoli (second 11/4)(4.20 Font). A winner and a number of places today, but I am sure some horses are sent out to get placed when they should be winning!

4th November: Englishtown (unplaced - next time!)/Rare Coincidence (second 16/1)(12.55 Hay) Little Scotland (unplaced - soon)/Woodcote Place (second 13/2) (1.20 Ling) Elhmari (third 5/1)/Hinton Admiral (unplaced - thrown in when wanted) (1.55 Ling) Flake (unplaced)/The Jazz Musician (fell at the last)(2.05 Hay) Arceye (unplaced - due a better run soon) /Romney Marsh (second 6/1) (2.20 Towcs) Di Stefano(nap) (unplaced - thrown in, but not for today!)/Ivory Silk (unplaced)(2.30 Ling) Master Fong (unplaced) /Laredo Sound (unplaced) (2.40 Hay) Manadam (nb) (fifth - best in here, so make a note!)/Arctic Echo (unplaced - due soon) (2.55 Towcs) Bobby Bullock (won 5/2!)/Nearly A Breeze (unplaced - will do better)(3.30 Towcs) Lunar River (unplaced)/Astrodiva (well there, unplaced)(4.10 Ling). A winner and a few places again today. Just keep trying!

3rd November: Hart Of Gold (unplaced - must win soon)/Bertbrand (unplaced - also well in) (12.15 Nott) Satindra (unplaced) /Radmores Revenge (second 16/1) (1.35 Chep) Vasodilator (unplaced - thrown in soon)/Rince Donn (fourth) (2.00 War) Mister Wiseman (unplaced - next time!) /Chevy To The Levy (unplaced - win again soon) (2.45 Chep) Flipping (won 8/1!)/Rezwaan (unplaced - will do better) (2.55 Nott) By Command (nap) (unplaced) /Ocean Transit (won 8/1!) (4.05 Nott) Monsieur (nb) (second 33/1) /Dansilver (sixth) (4.30 Chep) Stow (unplaced - must do better soon)/Two Miles West (unplaced - will do better) (3.20 Chep) Blue Spinnaker (unplaced - wait for the money!)/Final Verse (unplaced - due soon) (3.30 Nott) Hever Road (unplaced)/Chico Time (won 7/2)(3.40 War). Three winners at 8/1 twice and 7/2 today, plus some good places!

2nd November: Zowington (nap) (unplaced - will win again soon) /Love You Louis (won 8/1!) (2.25 Kemp) Galpin Junior (second 11/4)/Avonvalley (won 13/8) (£6.20 forecast) (2.45 Catt) Pictures (unplaced - will do better soon)/Blackstone Vegas (third 20/1) (2.55 Kemp) Note: Weald Park is thrown in if trying (didn't try)! Seradim (third)/Greylami (second 100/30)(3.25 Kemp) What A Scientist (unplaced - can win again soon)/Clyffe Hanger (fourth) (3.35 Exe) Trans Sonic (third 5/1)/Northern Bolt (unplaced) (3.45 Catt) Krakatara (well there most of the way, unplaced)/Bally Conn (unplaced, up and down the field - will do better)(4.05 Exe) Hernandos Boy (unplaced - too bad to be true!)/Pegasus Prince (unplaced - better than that)(4.15 Catt) Baby Strange (nb) (heavily backed, no show!)/Fullandby (ran on late, unplaced - due soon)(4.25 Kemp) Gallantry (fifth - must win soon)/San Antonio (fourth - also due)(4.55 Kemp). Two winners, a forecast and a few places. Will get even better sometime soon!

1st November: Just Beware (won 16/1!) /Mid Wicket (led, unplaced) (1.55 Plum) Solitary Palm (second 9/2) /Itea Du Fau (unplaced - will do better soon) (2.05 Kemp) Red Wine (unplaced - next time?)/Given A Choice (unplaced - keep it in mind) (2.15 Wolv) Mister Pink (nap) (fourth)/Wujood (fifth) (2.30 Plum) Lough Derg (nb) (led most, unplaced - keep it in mind) /Backbord (second 10/1) (2.40 Kemp) Angelina Ballerina (unplaced - sure future winner)/Capacity (unplaced)(3.55 Wolv) Midnight Diamond (unplaced)/Spider Boy (second 9/2) (4.10 Plum) Trump Call (unplaced) /Sun Quest (fifth) (4.20 Kemp) Stevie Gee (missed break, unplaced - due soon!) /Templetuohy Max (second 11/1)(4.30 Wolv) Trachonitis (second 33/1!)/Barndeh (unplaced)(5.00 Wolv). A 16/1 winner and a number of good places today. If I'd had the courage to put in my first choice, Naheell, I would have given a 40/1 winner! There is still time to subscribe to my service. It always gives lots of fun, even when it does not always give winners!

31st October: Figaro Flyer (nb) (unplaced - cannot go much longer without trying) /Rio Royale (won 7/2!) (1.10 Ling) Kings Envoy (unplaced)/Native Coll (unplaced - next time!) (1.30 Carl) Meydan Dubai (second 7/1 - thrown in soon!)/Spoof Master (unplaced - must do better) (1.40 Ling) Kempski (led most, unplaced) /Cool Operator (fifth) (2.05 Carl) Mount Hadley (unplaced - handicap race soon) /Robby Bobby (chased leader, unplaced- due soon) (2.15 Ling) Knight Legend (third 11/2) /High Bird Humphrey (pulled up - due soon)(3.00 Hunt) Echo Point (pulled up)/Minster Shadow (second 16/1!) (3.10 Carl) Phar Again (third 5/1) /Mad Professor (unplaced)(3.35 Hunt) Judge n Jury (nap) (unplaced - must show soon!)/Billy Red (25/1 second!) (3.55 Ling) Mulaazem (unplaced - must do better) /Chalice Welcome (third 8/1) (4.05 Hunt) Dichoh (unplaced - due very soon) /Aflaam (unplaced - likewise) (4.25 Ling). A winner and a few good places today, but it would be nice if horses would perform to their ratings!

30th October: Lucky Dance/Directorship (fourth) (2.00 New) Berbice (nap) (third 5/1) /Ingleby Arch (won 7/1!) (2.45 Ayr) Blazing Bailey (unplaced) /Fair Along (won 6/1!) (2.50 Weth) Northern Fling (unplaced)/Dolphin Rock (fifth) (3.55 Ayr) Best Prospect (won 9/2!)/Hurlingham (unpalced - will win soon) (4.30 Ayr) Tranos (unplaced - will win soon)/Greenbelt (pulled up, will also do better) (4.35 Weth) Beaver Patrol (unplaced - thrown in when wanted))/Protector (unplaced - likewise)(4.55 New) Mississippian (second 8/1) /Lordship (unplaced) (5.00 Ayr) Border Tale (unplaced - due soon)/San Deng (unplaced - will do better)(5.10 Weth) Ulysses (won 5/1!)/ Shy Glance (unplaced) (5.30 Ayr). Four winners and two places today!

29th October: Calatagan (nb) (ran on fourth - what did you expect? - sure winner soon)/Bywell Beau (disputed, dropped out - w ill do better) (2.45 Weth) Kingscourt Lad (second for a long way - will do better) /Devilfishpoker Com (led much, unplaced) (3.10 Utt) Mister McGoldrick (nap) (third 7/1) /According To Pete (fourth) (3.20 Weth) Take It To The Max (unplaced - must win soon) /Lutine Charlie (unplaced - next time!) (3.35 New) Ragdolliana (unplaced - will do better)/Issabella Gem (hampered late, fifth) (4.10 New) Be My Light (fourth) /Noun De La Thinte (unplaced - next time) (4.20 Utt) Sycho Fred (third 10/1) /Not Left Yet (unplaced) (4.30 Weth) Cold Harbour (unplaced) /Predateur (unplaced - next time!) (4.55 Utt) Bow School (unplaced) /Major Miller (unplaced) (5.05 Utt) Rock Soleil Heavily backed, pulled up!) /Magicalmysterytour (unplaced) (5.20 New). A pathetic day, with mostly non-triers. there is nothing we can do about it!

28th October: Balzaccio (second)/Kitley Hassle (unplaced)(2.00 Font) War Party (won 13/2!)/Rimini (fourth) (2.20 Strat) Titan Triumph (unplaced - soon) /Excellerator (unplaced - will do better) (2.40 Ling) No To Trident (fell when a sure winner)/Nicky Nutjob (unplaced - better than that!) (2.50 Strat) Space Cowboy (pulled up)/Qualypso D'Allier (won 4/1) (3.00 Font) Helm (fourth)/Petite Margot (third 13/2)(3.20 Strat) Galantos (nb) (useless - by far best in - soon!)/Princely Hero (pulled up - will do better) (3.30 Font) Basra (unplaced) /Lord Theo (led most, unplaced - will do better soon) (4.10 Ling) Phluke (nap) (unplaced - what has gone wrong?) /Watch The Flame (unplaced) (4.40 Ling) Cavalry Guard (unplaced - thrown in soon) /Song Of Praise (third 12/1) (5.10 Ling). Two winners, one fell when a certain winner and a few places today.

27th October: Berbice (fourth, of course! - six furlongs soon?)/Avertuoso (uinplaced)(1.40 Muss) Mansii (third 5/1)/Angelofthenorth (unplaced - will do better) (2.10 Muss) Abbondanza (unplaced - best in, so what do you make of that?) /Ra Junior (looked like getting third, but did not run on) (2.40 Muss) The Duke's Speech (fourth again - it gets worse!)/Ormello (unseated) (2.50 Hay) Equuleus Pictor (fourth 10/1)/Westwood (led, fifth)(3.05 Nott) Flake (nap)/Wot Way Chief (non runner) (3.25 Hay) Capable Guest (guess what? fourth 8/1)/Carnac (unplaced - must win soon) (3.40 Nott) Twelve Paces/Island Flyer (4.00 Hay) Dabbers Ridge (nb) (unplaced - thrown in again when wanted) /Hurricane Hymnbook (unplaced - must try soon) (4.15 Nott) Highland Warrior (second 5/1)/Mandarin Spirit (unplaced - soon!) (5.00 Muss). Unfortunately no winners today, but that's not my fault!

26th October: Trans Sonic (third 7/1)/Icelandic (won 11/2!) (2.20 Catt) Di Stefano (second 11/2)/Arch Walker (unplaced)(2.50 Catt) Reddy To Star (fourth - thrown in, must win soon!)/Thewinnatakesitall (unplaced, will do better) (3.00 Yar) Categorical (nap) (fifth - will do better) /Moonlight Blaze (won 10/1!)(3.20 Catt) Guto (nb) (third 4/1) /Spring Horizon (led, unplaced) (4.00 Yar) Gramm (unplaced - thrown in when wanted)/Yossi (led most, fifth - will win soon)(4.20 Catt) Miss Chaumiere (unplaced)/On The Cusp (unplaced - must try soon) (4.30 Yar) Azygous (unplaced - thrown in on old form)/Ursus (unplaced - due soon now)(4.50 Catt) Quince (unplaced - must win soon!)/Spice Bar (fourth)(5.00 Yar) Barbirolli (led too early, unplaced - must do better)/Refuse To Wait (led early dropped out - very well in soon)(5.20 Catt). Well, a couple of winners, but mostly disappointing performances today.

25th October: Free Tussy (unplaced)/Dancing Queen (third 11/2) (2.10 Kemp) Kaolak (non runner)/Extraterrestrial (unplaced) (3.30 Leics) Qalahari (fourth)/Warning Song (won 11/1!) (3.40 Kemp) Cerito (led most - must win soon)/Fault (non runner) (4.00 Leics) Prince Of Thebes (third 12/1)/Gallantry (unplaced - next time!)(4.10 Kemp) Prophet In A Dream (second 7/1) /Three Sparrows (third)(4.40 Kemp) Fyodorovitch (nb) (unplaced - why was it backed?)/Sophies Beau (unplaced) (4.50 South) Pictures (unplaced)/Captain Cool (unplaced) (5.10 Kemp) Norcroft (third 11/1)/Angle Of Attack (unplaced) (5.20 South) Lethal (nap) (unplaced - must win soon) /Hits Only Jude (third 12/1) (5.30 Leics). An 11/1 winner and a good number of places again today.

24th October: Yabora (fourth - should have won)/Any Currency (third 5/2) (1.30 Towcs) Donovan (nap) (unplaced - next time!) /Azulada Bay (third 6/1) (2.00 Towcs) King's Revenge (second 9/2)/Master Mahogany (unplaced) (2.20 Winc) Arnold Layne (led most, fifth)/Keepitsecret (unplaced)(2.30 Towcs) Racing Demon (second 7/1)/Risk Runner (unplaced) (3.20 Aint) Culahill (non runner) /Fairoak Lad (fifth) (2.55 Winc) Vacario (nb) (fifth - must win now)/Bollywood (second 5/1) (4.05 Winc) Istron Bay (unplaced)/National Heritage (unplaced)(4.15 Towcs) Wujood (unplaced - will do better)/Spider Boy (second 6/1)(4.50 Towcs) Stage Right (fourth - must win soon) /Kinkeel (unplaced - next time!) (5.25 Towcs). A few places, and so close with a number of others, but they don't win if they are not wanted on the day! The usual selection of fourths and fifths!

23rd October: Our Jonathan (unploaced - next time!)/Arganil (missed break, unplaced, will do better soon) (1.55 Donc) Teenage Idol (unplaced)/Heron Bay (second 12/1) (2.10 Aint) It's Crucial (second 9/2) /Lorum Leader (unplaced)(2.45 Aint) Perfect Flight/Hairspray (3.10 New) Celestial Tryst (unplaced - must win soon) /Tislaam (fifth) (3.30 Donc) Welsh Emperor (unplaced)/City Style (unplaced)(4.05 Donc) Centennial (nap) (unplaced - must win soon) /Tominator (fourth 40/1)(4.40 Donc) Royal Rosa/Magic Sky (second 25/1) (4.35 Aint) Suits Me (led much, unplaced - will do better now)/Moyenne Corniche (unplaced - likewise)(4.50 New) Maslak (nb) (second 25/1)/Mister Benedictine (unplaced)(5.25 New). A number of good places, but no winners, unfortunately. I had a few winners myself, but I always try to give value by picking bigger priced horses as selections.

22nd October: Daraybad (unplaced) /Brilliant (won 8/1!) (2.00 Fak) Lindoro (unplaced - will do better) /Charles Parnell (won 5/1) (2.55 Ayr) Advanced (unplaced)/Knot In Wood (unplaced)(3.55 Donc) Best Prospect/Royal Straight (third 12/1)(4.05 Ayr) Orpen Wide (nb) (unplaced - thrown in soon) /Zepnove (4.20 Fak) Camps Bay (unplaced) /Pevensey (right there, unplaced) (4.30 Donc) Deadly Secret (led, unplaced - will do better) /Edas (second 12/1) (4.40 Ayr) Wise Dennis (unplaced - thrown in soon, but will probably be backed)/Wing Play (fifth - will do better)(5.05 Donc) Houston Dynimo (unplaced - must win soon) /Lakeman (second 7/1) (5.15 Ayr) Bond City (nap) (won 16/1!) /Glenmuir (second 4/1) (£78.09 forecast!)(5.35 Donc) Berbice (going really well, unplaced)/Geojimali (5.45 Ayr). The first two winners and a few places - annoying when you start so well and peter out (but I didn't, as my nap and second choice finished first 16/1 and second 4/1 in the 5.35 Doncaster!)! So I finished with three winners, a forecast and several places!

21st October: Viking Spirit (nap) (won 14/1) /Imprimis Tagula (third 15/2) (2.00 Bright) Appeal Denied (third 22/1) /Inner Voice (fourth) (2.55 Car) Prestbury Knight (unplaced) /Tighe Caster (third 8/1) (3.15 Lud) Liberty Seeker (fourth - should have won, so make a note!)/Apache Dawn (non runner) (3.45 Lud) High Bird Humphrey (second 8/1) /Bocamix (unplaced - will do better) (3.55 Car) Murphys Beau/Matmata De Tendron (5.00 Car) Goodbye Cash/Transfixed (4.05 Bright) Havenstone (third 13/2)/Classic Clover (unplaced) (4.15 Lud) Merrymadcap (third 10/1) /Catbells (won 9/4)(4.40 Bright) Quince (nb) (unplaced - really annoying, this one!)/Blue Zealot (unplaced - will do better) (5.10 Bright). Two winners, including my 14/1 nap today, and a number of places.

20th October: My first selection today, Curragh Dancer, 33/1 winner of the 2.50 Fontwell, setting up subscribers for a profit after the first race! I also got a 12/1 winner with Sumdancer, so those two should clear subscribers for the day!

20th October: Curragh Dancer (won 33/1!)/She Is A Cracker (unplaced)(2.50 Font) Special Cuvee (unplaced - will do better) /Oxford City (unplaced - likewise) (3.05 Ffos) Fongoli (nb) (third 5/1) /Lerida (unplaced - will do better soon)(3.00 Worcs) Huzzah (unplaced - due soon!) /Aflaam (unplaced - likewise) (3.40 Ffos) All Things Equal (pulled up - best in)/Stage Right (pulled up)(4.20 Worcs) Idris unplaced -- will do better soon)/Bon Spiel (fourth) (4.30 Font) Shifting Star (fourth)/Drawnfromthepast (third 7/1)(4.45 Ffos) Nudge And Nurdle (unplaced) /Another Trump (unplaced) (4.55 Worcs) Space Star (unplaced)/Sumdancer (won 12/1!)(5.05 Font) Josephine Malines (nap) (second 5/1) /Mountain Pass (unplaced)(5.20 Ffos). A 33/1 winner, a 12/1 winner and some places today. Not bad!

19th October: Half Sister (unplaced - keep in mind soon) /Ildiko (unplaced) (3.20 Yar) Red Avalanche (third - finished too late - thrown in for this)/Excelling (unplaced, second best in, so not wanted today) (3.30 Ling) Elhamri (won 6/1!)/Littlemisssunshine (unplaced - will win again soon)(4.00 Ling) Predateur (led much - must win soon)/Princess Flame (led for a while - unplaced - will do better soon) (4.10 Exe) Transfixed (nb) (sixth - can do much better, but will it be heavily backed?) /Gra Adhmhar (unplaced) (4.20 Yar) Di Stefano/Brandywell Boy (4.30 Ling) Manmoon/I'm A Legend (won 8/1!)(4.40 Exe) Bel Cantor (nap) (fourth - typical!)/Yankee Storm (fifth) (4.50 Yar) Given A Choice (unplaced - will do better soon)/Turners Touch (unplaced - likewise) (5.00 Ling) Guto (unplaced - has a ridiculous amount in hand when wanted)/Memphis Man (unplaced - second best in) (5.20 Yar). Two winners today - forget the rest!

18th October: Green Manalishi (fourth)/Sunrise Safari (won 8/1!)(2.30 Winds) Prophet In A Dream (third 7/2)/Danceyourselfdizzy (fourth) (3.00 Winds) Chord (won 22/1!) /Normandy Landings (second 5/1!) (£123.99 forecast!) (3.20 Plum) Strike Up The Band (third 8/1)/Captain Royale (won 10/1!)(3.40 Pont) Sohcatoa (unplaced - due soon!)/Safari Sunup (third 10/1) (4.00 Winds) Dan Buoy (won 4/1!) /Strikemaster (unplaced - will do better soon) (4.40 Pont) Lupanar (third 8/1) /Clifton Debut (fifth) (4.50 Plum) Ivory Lace (nap) (third 12/1) /Meydan Dubai (led, unplaced - must do better now)(5.00 Winds) Jack Dawkins (nb) (Made smooth ground, unplaced - thrown in now!) /Amanda Carter (disputed going well, unplaced - due soon)(5.10 Pont) Internationaldebut (third 6/1)/Cut The Cackle (unplaced - will do better soon)(5.40 Pont). Some great results in winners (22/1, 10/1, 8/1 and 4/1), places and forecasts today! Email me for your subscription now!

17th October: Spring Horizon (non runner) /Stamford Blue (unplaced - must win soon)(1.40 Bath) Bravo Bravo (fourth)/Viviani (third 11/2) (3.15 Bath) Muwalla (fourth)/Mark Twain (second) (2.30 New) Ingleby Arch (unplaced - best in failure!) /Captain Royale (unplaced - will win again) (3.00 New) Game Lad (fourth - will do better) /Aldermoor (unplaced) (3.35 New) Figaro Flyer (nb) (unplaced - thrown in now)/Best One (right there, unplaced - inexplicable)(3.50 Bath) Phar Again (pulled up - will do better soon)/Indian Pipe Dream (pulled up - pulling the wool!) (4.00 Kemp) Danum Dancer (nap) (unplaced - must win now)/Pawan (unplaced - better than showing at present) (4.45 New) Phluke (led, unplaced - must do better very soon)/Music Maestro (won 12/1) (5.00 Bath) Ocean Transit (won 16/1!)/Choral Festival (unplaced - will do better) (5.30 Bath). Two winners at 16/1 and 12/1 today, but had to keep the faith for a long time!

16th October: Il Duce (unplaced) /Moon Over Miami (unplaced) (2.40 Chelt) White Deer (unplaced - thrown in soon)/Hits Only Jude (unplaced) (2.50 Catt) Storm Prospect (third 9/2)/Border Reiver (fourth) (3.05 Kelso) Moorhouse Lad (unplaced - better than that) /Star Rover (unplaced) (3.25 Catt) Palomar (fifth 28/1 - five places on Skybet)/Oceans Minstrel (fourth 14/1) (3.40 New) Border Tale (unplaced - due soon)/Pillar Of Hercules (fourth) (4.05 Kelso) Is It Me (nap) (second 33/1!)/Secret Tune (led, unplaced)(4.25 Chelt) Tivers Song (fifth)/Veronicas Boy (unplaced) (5.10 Catt) Tranos (fourth - must win soon) /Tiger King (sixth) (5.15 Kelso) Nuit Sombre (nb) (unplaced - must win soon) /Trans Sonic (won 10/1!) (5.45 Catt). A 10/1 winner and a number of good places today. When I get all winners, I'll retire!

15th October: Active Asset (nap) (fifth) /Monfils Monfils (unplaced) (1.30 Red) Lady Del Sol (won 5/4)/Two Feet Of Snow (unplaced) (2.00 Red) Lough Derg (unplaced - keep in mind) /Raslan (third 12/1) (3.20 Chelt) Lacdoudal (nb) (second 8/1)/Double Dizzy (unplaced - ran well - keep in mind) (3.55 Chelt) Categorical (unplaced - soon!)/Capable Guest (third 22/1) (4.20 Red) Golden Destiny (unplaced)/Beyond Desire (fifth) (4.40 New) Erfaan (unplaced) /Boy The Bell (ran on fifth) (4.55 Red) Au Courant (unplaced - keep in mind) /Quattrocento (won 14/1!)(5.05 Chelt) Jupiter Fidius (second 8/1)/Celestial Tryst (third 28/1) (5.30 Red) Gallagher (unplaced - thrown in now) /Spirit Of Sharjah (unplaced) (5.15 New). Two winners, including 14/1 and several good places again today!

14th October: Heir To Be (nb) (won 12/1!) /Vacario (fourth) (2.20 Winc) Colorus (fourth)/Whiskey Junction (third 14/1) (2.30 Bright) Corrib (fifth) /It's A Man's World (led, unplaced) (3.30 Bright) Jo'burg (second 15/2)/Aspectus (unplaced - must do better soon) (4.10 Nott) Nothing Is Forever (won 9/1)/Raise Again (second 20/1!) (£172.36 forecast!) (4.20 Winc) Giuletta Da Vinci (led most, unplaced - soon!) /Tarita (third 13/2)(4.30 Bright) Whisper Wind (second 7/1) /Force To Spend (5.00 Bright) Gertmegalush (unplaced - due soon!)/Bossy Kitty (fifth)(5.10 Nott) Phluke (unplaced - best in, so keep it in mind!) /Ivory Lace (unplaced - likewise)(5.30 Bright) Danum Dancer (nap) (second 8/1) /Fromsong (unplaced - next time!) (5.40 Nott). Two good winners, plus the forecast in one race and several places. Not bad!

13th October: First Fought (unplaced - next time!) /Hever Road (unplaced - soon!) (2.50 Utt) Prince Of Thebes (unplaced - next time!) /Cativo Cavallino (won 14/1!) (3.00 Ling) Heezagrey (won 7/2)/Bynack Mhor (fourth) (3.15 Utt) Degas Art (unplaced - will do better)/Amazing King (second 9/2) (3.25 Weth) Final Verse (another fourth!)/Trafalgar Square (unplaced - thrown in soon) (3.35 Ling) War Party/Daldini (3.55 Utt) King's Sabre (unplaced - keep it in mind!)/I Confess (unplaced - ditto)(4.05 Ling) Carys's Lad (unplaced - due soon)/Prince Massini (won 8/1!)(4.20 Utt) Dvinsky (nap) (third 9/1)/Rubenstar (second 15/2) (4.40 Ling) Mixing (nb) (unplaced - will win soon) /Mymateeric (unplaced -will win soon)(5.15 Ling). Three winners at 14/1, 8/1 and 7/2, plus several places. Email me to join in!

12th October: Iceman George (won 5/1!)/Sircozy (third 5/1) (2.20 Hunt) Fault (nb) (fourth - should have won at a canter!) /Jibrrya (right there until the final half furlong!) (2.40 Leics) Vasodilator (fourth - should have won!)/Ovthenight (second 9/1) (2.50 Hunt) Manadam (third 6/1)/Englishtown (unplaced) (3.20 Hunt) Swincombe Rock (won 4/11) /Ravenclaw (pulled up) (3.50 Hunt) Easy Terms (fifth)/Marafong (fourth) (4.10 Leics) Nothing's Easy (unplaced - best in with the claimer, but that fact was significant!) /Sonic Anthem (fourth again!)(4.20 Hunt) Long Lashes (won 5/2)/Super Sleuth (third 3/1) (4.40 Leics) Estourah (third 7/2) /Tileyf (5.10 Leics) Nevada Desert (nap) (unplaced, next time out!) /Best Prospect (third 9/1) (5.40 Leics). I tipped Cruchain last time out (see 3rd October) and of course did not tip it today when it won at 11/2! Three winners, several places and the usual fourths and fifths today (I'm sure they are not just for my benefit, but for all the people like me too).

11th October: Opera Prince (fourth)/French Art (unplaced)(2.20 Kemp) Kissing Clara (fourth - not ridden out near the finish) /King Of Aquitaine (won 7/1!) (2.50 Kemp) Ivory Silk (second 12/1) /Kings Caprice (fifth) (3.35 Winds) Perfect Ch'i (unplaced) /Kurtanella (fourth) (3.45 Sal) Kidlat (led most, unplaced)/Aphrodisia (made ground, unplaced)(4.00 Kemp) Miss Antonia (second 15/2)/Higgys Ragazzo (fifth) (4.10 Winds) Viking Spirit (nap) (unplaced) /Green Park (won 8/1!) (4.30 Kemp) Vhujon (third 8/1) /Baby Strange (fourth) (5.00 Kemp) Gallantry (unplaced - due now) /Desert Icon (best in - next time?) (5.30 Kemp) Thundering Home (unplaced - due soon) /Dr Finley (third 9/1) (5.40 Winds) Slugger O'Toole (nb) (third 14/1)/Victorian Bounty (unplaced - now due) (6.00 Kemp). Loads of fourth and fifth places again, but fortunately two winners and a number of places too.

10th October: Williams Way (made ground, unplaced - next time?)/Mohanad (second 5/2) (2.00 Good) Coconut Ice (unplaced - must do better soon)/Master Macho (unplaced, ditto)(2.25 Bath) Chevy To The Levy (unplaced - by far best in) /Sonny Mullen (second 5/2)(2.45 Ffos) Duplicity (second 20/1)/Poor Prince (fourth) (3.35 Bath) Our Piccadilly/Sharpened Edge (third 18/1)(4.10 Bath) Enlightenment (nap)/Dishdasha (4.30 Ffos) Aalsmeer (nb) (third 3/1)/Bilash (second 4/1) (4.45 Bath) General Elliot (second 16/1) /Mishrif (unplaced) (4.55 Good) Treasury Counsel (unplaced - thrown in soon) /Prince Massini (non runner) (5.05 Ffos) Street Entertainer (unplaced)/Seaside Sizzler (second 20/1) (5.30 Good). Lots of places again! I'll get another winner one day!

9th October: Bonnie Charlie (unplaced)/Dubai Dynamo (unplaced - due if the stable were in better form)(2.15 York) Sphinx (second 25/1) /Folk Tune (unplaced)(2.45 York) Tifoso (second 8/1) /Rare Society (unplaced) (3.10 Hex) Siberian Tiger (third 12/1) /Magicalmysterytour (3.40 Asc) Oniz Tiptoes (unplaced - well in contention - keep it in mind for next time!)/Manoubi (unplaced - also due when wanted) (3.45 Hex) Damien (second 18/1) /Knot In Wood (unplaced - next time!)(3.55 York) Syrian (nb) (missed break - unplaced)/Beneath (well there, keep it in mind) (4.30 York) Magic Sky (unplaced)/Apache Chant (unplaced) (4.35 Chep) Arnold Layne (nap) (unplaced - will do better)/Petite Margot (fourth) (4.40 Bang) Dom D'Orgeval (unplaced - next time!)/Templer (second 6/1) (5.10 Chep) Red Avalanche (unplaced)/Quarrel (unplaced - taking a long time to show!)(5.25 Asc). Lots of places, but no winners today, unfortunately.

8th October: Advanced (unplaced - due soon)/Mastership (unplaced - also due) (3.20 York) Alvarado (won 3/1) /Born Again (fifth) (2.30 Carl) Look Busy (unplaced - will do better soon) /Fol Hollow (unplaced - well in now) (3.30 Muss) Rayshan (unplaced) /Polar Gunner (pulled up) (3.40 Carl) Oddsmaker (fourth)/Toshi (4.05 Muss) Knight Valliant (nap) (third 9/1) /Samizdat (fifth) (4.15 Carl) Strike Up The Band (led, unplaced) /Haajes (won 7/1!)(4.30 York) Twelve Paces (unplaced - will win again soon) /Julius Caesar (unplaced - possibly unfit today) (4.50 Carl) Trans Sonic (nb) (unplaced) /Motafarred (unplaced) (5.00 York) Dhaular Dhar (unplaced) /Espero (unplaced) (5.10 Muss) Berbice/Deadly Secret (5.40 Muss)

7th October: Space Star (third) /Glengarra (second 4/1) (3.10 Worcs) Welsh Dancer (unplaced) /Falkland Flyer (unplaced) (3.20 New) The Dukes Speech (fourth) /Triggernometry (3.35 Exe) Midnight Diamond (non runner) /Ticket To Ride (travelled well on the pace - dropped out - keep backing it!) (3.45 Worcs) Dream In Waiting (third 25/1) /Make Amends (unplaced) (3.55 New) Mark Twain (fourth - well, well!)/Mountrath (unplaced) (4.30 New) Organiz (nap) (unplaced) /Captain Becket (unplaced) (4.45 Exe) Qualypso D'Allier (fifth) /Dunkelly Castle (won 13/2!) (4.55 Worcs) Ned Ludd (nb) (unplaced - must show now) /Calculating (unplaced - can win when wanted) (5.05 New) Wujood (unplaced - keep it in mind) /Orion Express (fifth - will win soon) (5.20 Exe). First In The Queue, one of my selections last time, 12/1 winner of the 4.30 Newbury! Not too good today, with the usual sprinkling of fourths and fifths. I think they are just cocking a snook at the form student!

6th October: Prophet In A Dream (won 5/2)/Lindo Erro (unplaced) (2.10 Nott) That Man Fox (unplaced - well there most of the way) /Little Al (third 25/1) (2.30 Towcs) Michael Flips (second 4/5) /Sonowyouno (unplaced - second best on my ratings!) (3.00 Towcs) Tritonville Lodge (unplaced)/Whataboutya (sixth) (3.20 Lud) Nesnaas (nb) (sixth) /Good Old Days (fourth) (3.30 Towcs) Fool's Wildcat (nap) (late progress, then stopped, sixth) /Tighe Caster (unplaced - win again soon) (3.50 Lud) Monsieur Georges (sixth - will do better soon)/Von Galen (won 11/1!) (4.00 Lud) Strategic Mission (third 7/1 - sure winner when wanted)/Mingun Bell (led - dropped right out - must win soon) (4.10 Nott) Chord/Bond Cruz (5.00 Towcs) Danum Dancer (unplaced -thrown in soon) /Top Bid (unplaced) (5.10 Nott). I think they are giving me sixth places now instead of fourths and fifths! My selection from last time out on 10th September, Commander Wish, 66/1 winner of the 5.10 Nottingham! 8lb out of the handicap. Crafty b...s!

5th October: Officer Mor (sixth - not given a maximum ride) /Avertuoso (won 3/1) (2.00 Catt) Mr Rooney (unplaced)/Angelofthenorth (unplaced - soon?) (2.30 Catt) St Savarin (fourth - what else?) /Red Wine (non runner) (3.20 South) Geesala (unplaced - will do better) /Greek Islands (unplaced - must be better than that!)(4.00 Catt) Sri Kuantan (unplaced - must do better now)/Barbirolli (fourth, of course - it gets laughable!)(4.20 South) They All Laughed (nb)/Rare Coincidence (second 20/1)(4.30 Catt) Avonvalley (fourth, of course!) /Bathwick Xaara (won 16/1!)(4.40 Leics) Harcas (unplaced) /Smugglers Bay (you've guessed it -fourth heheheheh) (5.00 Catt) Lordship (nap) (second 100/30)/Rosiliant (fifth) (5.10 Leics) Kingdom Of Munster (third 9/2) /Hurlingham (unplaced - rider lost irons - keep it in mind)(5.30 Catt). A couple of winners and a few good places today, and of course my usual share of fourths and fifths from horses that should be winning.

4th October: Imprimis Tagula (second 10/1)/Protector (unplaced)(2.20 War) Trafalgar Square (going well, unplaced) /Prince Apollo (third 10/1) (2.30 Winds) Full Victory (fourth) /Meydan Dubai (unplaced - thrown in soon) (3.00 Winds) Slugger O'Toole (nap) (unplaced - will do better soon) /Ours (left behind, finished fifth!)(4.20 War) Layla's Boy (unplaced)/My Galway Man (unplaced)(4.40 Pont) Centennial (nb) (third - clear best in) /Red Merlin (won 5/2) (4.50 War) Cut The Cackle (fourth) /Essexbridge (second) (5.00 Winds) Fifty Moore (unplaced, best in, watch for it in a handicap) /Silvery Moon (second 5/1)(5.10 Pont) Lay Claim (third 7/2)/Pippbrook Ministar (unplaced) (5.30 Winds) Foxhaven (won 5/1 from 8/1!)/Archie Rice (unplaced - get on it next time)(6.00 Winds). Two winners and a few places today.

3rd October: Always Baileys (nb)/Mulaazem (2.00 Utt) Front Rank (unplaced)/Tiger King (unplaced - next time?) (2.25 Kel) Songe (nap) (won 11/4!) /Ursis (unplaced) (3.30 Hunt) Casadei (second 5/1) /Not Left Yet (unplaced) (3.40 Kel) Hever Road (non runner) /Rare Society (non runner) (4.25 Utt) Predateur (unplaced)/Cruchain (4.45 Hunt) Pocket Too (fourth) /Feel The Force (second 8/1) (5.10 Utt) Kings Envoy (unplaced - thrown in on old form)/Bed Fellow (right there, dropped out tamely - will do better) (5.30 Kel) Whatcanisay (unplaced - should win soon)/Converti (fourth) (5.40 Utt) Oniz Tiptoes (fell)/Cute N You Know It (fifth) (5.55 Hunt) Strobe (third 8/1) /Snowy (fourth - to be retired) (6.00 Kel). My recent selection, National Heritage 18/1 third in the 5.20 Kelso. Another recent tip, Russellstown Boy 12/1 winner of the 5.40 Uttoxeter!

2nd October: Charlie Cool (second 10/1) /Daaweitza (unplaced) (2.45 Red) Marodima (second 7/1)/Vinmix De Bessy (non runner) (3.30 Font) Smokey Oakey (unplaced) /Jo'burg (unplaced, won stand side group) (3.40 New) Just Beware (sixth - will do better) /Princess Flame (second 4/1) (4.05 Font) Resplendent Light (second 15/8) /Moon Lightning (5.10 Red) Isintshelovely (won 11/2)/Galantos (third 10/1) (5.15 Font) Macarthur/Becausewecan (third 12/1)(5.25 New) Mishrif (nap) (unplaced - must win soon)/Aflaam (third 9/2) (5,35 Eps) Galpin Junior (fifth) /Stolt (unplaced) (5.45 Red) Grazeon Gold Blend (nb) (fifth - thrown in and hacking today) /Houston Dynimo (unplaced) (6.15 Red). My tip from 27th August, Lethal Glaze, 25/1 winner of the 5.25 Newmarket! A winner and a number of places today.

1st October: Awzaan (unplaced) /Premio Loco (unplaced) (makes me see red!)(1.55 New) Inner Voice (third 5/1) /Liberty Seeker (non runner) (2.10 Hex) Kings Approach Led, unplaced - must win soon) /Imperial Warrior (unplaced - next time out?) (2.55 Ling) Whiskey Junction (unplaced) /Cerito (fifth) (3.30 Ling) Pistol Basc (nap) (fourth - seem familiar?)/Murphys Beau (third 5/1) (3.50 Hex) Victorian Bounty (led, unplaced)/Dvinsky (tracked leader, unplaced) (4.05 Ling) Levera (nb) (unplaced) /Global (close up sixth after being hampered) (4.50 New) Panthers Run (unplaced) /Bajan Sunshine (non runner) (5.00 Hex) Half Sister/Nom De La Rosa (fourth - looked certain to be placed on the run-in) (5.15 Ling) Manoubi (second 9/1 - thrown in and should have won)/Mr Midaz (next best, unplaced - keep it in mind) (5.35 Hex). Just shows the vagaries of racing - couldn't even get a winner today!

30th September: Novabridge (unplaced)/Press Release (unplaced) (2.55 Ayr) Avertuoso (won 6/1 from 9/1) /The Magic Of Rio (led, unplaced - will do better) (3.30 Ayr) Burnwynd Boy (nap) (led, unplaced - trial run) /Bid For Gold (unplaced) (4.05 Ayr) Tax Free (second 9/2)/Anglezarke (fourth , of course!) (4.20 New) Bel Cantor (well there, brief effort on the outside, unplaced) /Stamford Blue (unplaced - much better than that) (4.30 War) Captain Royale (won 6/1!) /Berbice (non runner) (4.40 Ayr) Angus Newz (nb)/Amitola (won 14/1!) (4.55 New) Kay Gee Bee (goiing well, unplaced)/Dhaular Dhar (non runner) (5.30 New) Klynch (led, unplaced) /Geojimali (second 9/2 - will win soon) (5.50 Ayr) Monfils Monfils (unplaced - thrown in when wanted!) /Royal Composer (unplaced - also will do better) (6.10 War) Tanforan (fifth - ran on too late) /Shunkawakhan(6.20 (led, eased off) Ayr). Three winners at 14/1, 6/1 and 6/1 and several places today - not bad!

29th September: Aalsmeer (unplaced) /Dancing Freddy (led, well clear, unplaced - trial run)(2.50 Nott) Syrian (unplaced - must do better)/Muwalla (unplaced) (3.25 Nott) Clumber Place (won 3/1) /Wotatomboy (unplaced - must show soon) (3.50 New) Pilgrim Dancer (third 15/2)/Coin From Heaven (second 12/1) (4.25 New) Stevie Gee (nap) (unplaced - thrown in) /Spanish Bounty (uinplaced - due soon)(4.50 Sal) French Art (non runner)/Lakeman (fourth) (5.00 New) Dichoh (nb) (unplaced, never showed - thrown in soon) /Daddys Gift (led, unplaced) (5.20 Sal) Rowan Lodge (unplaced - thought it was due today - will do better soon)/Petrocelli (disputed lead, dropped out fifth) (5.30 New) Mohanad (second 10/1) /King Supreme (5.55 Sal) Guto (unplaced - back it next time!)/Danum Dancer (third 9/1) (6.00 New) Orpen Wide (led, unplaced)/Credential (unplaced - will try soon) (6.10 Nott). Amazingly only one winner from that lot, all selected as best in!

28th September: Prophet In A Dream (third 18/1) /Goodwood Treasure (unplaced) (2.10 Bright) Teenage Idol (unseated rider) /Darksideofthemoon (fourth - well, what do you know?) (3.00 Sedg) Record Breaker (fourth again!) /Safari Sunup (unplaced) (3.20 Bright) Willow Dancer (second 9/2 - looked certain to win at one point!) /Club Tahiti (unplaced, but looked like figuring at one point) (3.45 New) (e/w) Kings Caprice (unplaced, but what do you expect at 66/1?) Curtains (won 11/1!)/Jarrow (unplaced) (3.55 Bright) Osolomio (nap) (unplaced - next time!) /Phoenix Eye (fourth)(4.10 Sedg) Coconut Ice (fourth) /Whoateallthepius (unplaced)(4.20 New) Matsunosuke (nb) (unplaced - thrown in!)/Cape Royal (fourth - of course - how could it be otherwise?) (4.55 New) Tranos (third 8/1) /Well Oiled (unplaced - will do better) (5.15 Sedg) Baylini (unplaced) /Majuro (led, unplaced) (5.30 New) Whatcanyasay/Murphys Appeal (second 13/2) (5.45 Sedg). A winner and some good places, but getting authentic winners is such a frustrating task! My usual fourth places aplenty!

27th September: Gower Rules (unplaced - will do better)/Kissing Clara (fifth) (2.30 Bath) Music Maestro (fourth) /Ishtar Gate (unplaced - will do better soon) (3.00 Bath) Green Wadi (unplaced - must win soon) /Trachonitis (unplaced - will also do better) (3.10 Kemp) Bateleur (third 9/1) /First In Command (second 7/1)(3.20 Ffos) Free Tussy (nap) (too big a price, up with the pace, unplaced) /Prohibition (unplaced) (3.40 Kemp) Rugell (won 8/1!) /Master At Arms (unplaced) (4.20 Ffos) Shifting Star (unplaced)/Filigree (unplaced) (4.10 Kemp) The Composer/Spiritonthemount (4.30 Bath) Prince Of Thebes (nb) (fifth - must win soon) /Gallantry (unplaced - will do better shortly) (4.40 Kemp) The Tatling/Hart Of Gold (race abandoned) (5.00 Bath) Miss Firefly/Shakespeares Son (race abandoned) (5.30 Bath). Not a great day, with an 8/1 winner and a place, a couple of abandoned races and the usual sprinkling of fourths and fifths!

26th September: Dower Glen (unplaced - next time?)/Croft Bridge (unplaced - well there for a time-will do better) (2.15 Muss) Aldwick Bay (unplaced) /Capaill Liath (won 14/1!) (2.25 Asc) National Heritage (unplaced)/Blue Express (non runner) (2.35 Mkt) Marblehead (third 4/1)/Heron Bay (unplaced)(3.10 Mkt) Berbice (third 20/1) /River Falcon (unplaced) (3.25 Muss) Astarador (fifth - ran on at the end)/Dan Buoy (non runner) (3.45 Mkt) Social Rhythm (third 8/1)/Tatiana Romanova (4.00 Muss) Ra Junior (nb) (fourth - thrown in for a handicap)/Kings Point (unplaced - another which must win) (4.35 Muss) Sayif (unplaced) /Dalghar (second 9/4) (4.45 Asc) Tifoso (nap) (fourth - typical!)/San Deng (non runner) (4.55 Mkt) Benandonner (led, unplaced)/South Cape (second 12/1) (5.20 Asc). A 14/1 winner, several good places, a few non runners and my usual fourths and fifths today!

25th September: Gaspara (nap) (fifth) /Flying Squad (unplaced) (1.45 Mkt) All Annalena (won 20/1!) /Issabella Gem (second 9/1) (£189.49 forecast!) (2.05 Hay) Palomar (won 20/1!) /Amazing King (unplaced) (2.20 Mkt) Becausewecan (led, unplaced) /Siberian Tiger (non runner) (2.35 Hay) Fullandby/Valery Borzov (3.10 Hay) Five Dream (second 15/2) /Backbord (fifth) (3.20 Mkt) Gallagher (unplaced - must do better shortly) /Advanced (led, unplaced) (3.40 Asc) Strike Up The Band (led, unplaced) /Haajes (fifth) (3.45 Hay) Fishforcompliments (nb)/Docofthebay (4.40 Chest) Dabbers Ridge (unplaced) /Amazing Star (won 11/2) (4.55 Hay) Kingdom Of Munster (third - thrown in and must win soon!) /Molon Labe (led much, should do better)(5.45 Chest). Two 20/1 winners, an 11/2 winner and a superb forecast today! Subscribers must have made a profit!

24th September: Cool Bob (fourth) /Azulada Bay (unplaced) (2.20 Worcs) Moynahan (unplaced - next time out?)/Seradim (non runner) (2.35 Asc) Snoqualmie Girl (third 33/1) /Shimmering Surf (unplaced) (3.45 Asc) Keepitsecret (last - much better than that!) /Sunday City (non runner) (4.05 Worcs) Quarrel (nap) (unplaced) /Layla's Hero (unplaced) (4.20 Asc) Syrian (non runner) /Icelandic (unplaced) (4.30 Hay) Sea Cliff (won 9/2!) /Shergill (4.40 Worcs) Talenti (third 14/1)/Touch Of Style (unplaced)(4.55 Asc) Supercast (nb) (led most, unplaced) /Given A Choice (unplaced) (5.05 Hay) Oneway (won 25/1!)/Nikola (second 11/4) (£95.83 forecast!) (5.15 Worcs). A great 25/1 winner and forecast today and another winner at 9/2, plus a 33/1 and 14/1 place and three non runners! Subscriptions still available.

23rd September: Littlemisssunshine (second 16/1)/Galpin Junior (third 13/8) (3.30 Pont) Nesnaas (unplaced) /I'm The Decider (unplaced) (3.40 Font) De Bansha Man (won 7/2) /Regal Lyric (pulled up) (3.50 Perth) Porgy (unplaced - must try soon)/Take It To The Max (unplaced) (4.00 Pont) Vacario (fourth) /Is It Me (second 12/1) (4.10 Font) Front Rank (last) /Regent's Secret (won 12/1!) (4.20 Perth) Young Tot (nap) (third 20/1) /Space Cowboy (unplaced - has it lost its ability totally?) (4.40 Font) Strobe (unplaced - will do better soon) (nb)/Ormello (fourth) (4.50 Perth) Winning Show (won 16/1!) /Raise Again (unplaced - due soon) (5.10 Font) Royal Premier (fourth) /Alsahil (won 8/1!) (5.00 Pont). Four winners (16/1, 12/1, 8/1, and 7/2) and a number of good places today! My selections are doing very well at present. Email me for your subscription now!

22nd September: Treason Trial (unplaced) /PresentTo You (fourth) (2.25 Perth) Safari Mischief (unplaced - will do better soon) /Desert Icon (third 3/1) (3.10 Good) Foreign Rhythm (sixth) /Bateleur (fifth) (3.25 Red) Safin (unplaced - will do better soon) /Lyndseyfield Lodge (unplaced - keep an eye on it) (3.35 Perth) Charlie Cool (third 9/4) /Kings Sabre (second 66/1!) (4.00 Red) Robby Bobby (nap) (unplaced) /Blue Spinnaker (unplaced - surprise surprise!) (4.35 Red) Twelve Paces (second 3/1) /Ursis (third 9/1) (4.45 Perth) Guerilla (nb) (fifth - will do better) /Planetarium (non runner) (5.20 Perth) Elhamri (third 10/1)/Colorus (won 11/2!)(5.30 Good) Tournedos (unplaced - thrown in, but watch for the money!)/Greek Secret (last - watch for it next time out!)(5.40 Red). My selection last time out (see 14th September) Prince Apollo won the 5.10 Redcar at 9/2. Colorus, which I have also selected the last twice, also won at 11/2!

21st September: Guto (third 11/4 - should have hacked up) /Pockets Pick (unplaced - can do much better) (2.20 Folk) Cootehill (won evens)/Mam Ratagan (second 9/2) (£5.77 forecast) (2.40 Strat) Master Macho (unplaced)/Melodize (unplaced) (2.50 Folk) Orpen Wide (nb) (unplaced - must do better!)/Welcome Stranger (fourth - will win soon) (3.10 Strat) Zaif (unplaced) /Mymateeric (second 9/2) (3.20 Folk) Tax Free (third 5/4)/Our Jonathan (unplaced) (3.30 Bev) The Composer/Mixing (second 50/1) (3.50 Folk) Jupiter Fidius (unplaced) /First In The Queue (third 8/1) (4.00 Bev) White Deer (nap) (unplaced) /Ours (won 9/2!) (4.30 Bev) Hartshead (made a fast forward move, eventually unplaced) /Kingdom Of Munster (unplaced, clear second best - must do better soon) (5.30 Bev). Two winners, a forecast and a few good places today.

20th September: Deely Plaza (unplaced)/Frequency (unplaced)(2.50 Leics) Shanavaz (unplaced)/Intersky Charm (unplaced) (3.10 Ham) Cornus (fourth) /Fathom Five (third 8/1) (3.20 Leics) Shy Glance (non runner) /Nevada Desert (unplaced) (3.40 Ham) Burnwynd Boy (unplaced - thrown in very soon, when it is wanted!)/The Bear (non runner) (4.40 Ham) Prince Of Thebes (nap) (second 25/1)/Hurricane Hymnbook (unplaced)(5.00 Kemp) Rio Sands (third 5/1)/Rothesay Dancer (won 7/1!)(5.10 Ham) Lastkingofscotland (nb) (unplaced, best in for this race)/Aflaam (unplaced) (5.20 Leics) Red Avalanche (hacking, unplaced)/Edgewater (unplaced) (5.30 Kemp) Phluke/Convince (5.50 Leics)

19th September: Colliers Court (led, sixth - will do better) /Apache Dawn (pulled up, system bet next time) (1.50 Utt) Las Verglas Star (unplaced)/Cathcart Castle (third 5/2) (2.10 Ham) Take A Mile (third 5/1) /Buailteoir (won 11/4) (2.30 Plum) Always Baileys (unplaced - will do better eventually, but taking a long time!) /Royal Flynn (won 6/1!) (2.50 Utt) Armenian Boy (nap) (second 10/1) /Ovthenight (fifth) (3.50 Utt) Masterpoint (nb) (unplaced - will do better) /We're Delighted (second 16/1) (4.00 Plum) Regents Secret (unplaced - watch for money)/Chookie Hamilton (unplaced - also well in) (4.10 Ham) Sporting Rebel (third 8/1)/Ragador (unplaced) (4.20 Utt) Widow Bird (unplaced) /Ice Viking (unplaced) (4.40 Ham) Treasury Counsel (unplaced, must win soon) /Heir To Be (unplaced . also well in) (5.00 Plum) Reach For The Sky (unplaced - 100/1 today)/Chinese Democracy (second 33/1) (5.10 Ham). Two winners and some very good places today.

18th September: Zowington (unplaced - will win again)/Cornus (unplaced - due to run better) (1.45 Newm) Advanced (fourth 14/1)/Sonny Red (second 25/1) (2.15 Ayr) Demolition (fourth 20/1)/Resurge (unplaced) (3.05 Newb) Damika/Damien (3.20 Ayr) Ocean's Minstrel (third 20/1) /Shipmaster (unplaced - ran well) (3.30 Newm) Total Gallery (unplaced) /Beyond Desire (unplaced) (3.40 Newb) Docofthebay (won 12/1!) /Fullandby (unplaced) (3.55 Ayr) Archie Rice (third 33/1)/Resplendent Light (unplaced - better in a handicap) (4.05 Newm) Dhaular Dhar (unplaced) /Extraterrestrial (unplaced)(5.00 Ayr) Huzzah (nap) (ade ground, unplaced)/Jarrow (unplaced) (5.15 Newm). A 12/1 winner and a number of big-priced places today! Makes a change for a Saturday!

17th September: Delegator (won 3/1)/Finjaan (unplaced)(2.35 Newb) Rainbow Peak (second 8/11)/Traffic Guard (non runner) (3.10 Newb) Indian Trail (unplaced - a real enigma!)/Galpin Junior (unplaced - clear best in) (3.20 Ayr) Mastership (third 20/1) /Valery Borzov (unplaced) (4.30 Ayr) Strategic Mission (non runner)/Top Mark (unplaced) (4.55 Newb) Sohcatoa (nb) (unplaced - must win soon) /Wing Play (non runner) (5.30 Newb) Apazine (unplaced) /Prophet In A Dream (fourth) (6.20 Wolv) Hustle (unplaced) /Dvinsky (unplaced) (7.20 Wolv) Provost (nap) (unplaced) /Full Victory (unplaced) (7.50 Wolv) George Baker (fifth)/Quaestor (third 20/1) (9.20 Wolv). A winner and a couple of good places, but I just get the feeling very few of my selections compete most of the time, which is very annoying!

16th September: Here are the selections I sent out today at 1.00 p.m.: Lindoro (unplaced)/Klynch (fourth - might get in the frame one day!) (2.30 Pont) Burnwynd Boy (unplaced) /Bravely (third 11/1) (2.50 Ayr) Grazeon Gold Blend (fourth) (nb)/Dabbers Ridge (third 11/1) (3.30 Pont) Livinadream (unplaced)/Salvationist (won 10/1!) (3.40 Yar) Wise Dennis (brief effort, unplaced, thrown in when wanted) /Wigwam Willie (unplaced - will do better) (3.50 Ayr) Capable Guest/They All Laughed (4.30 Pont) Commando Scott (third 9/2) /Deadly Secret (4.50 Ayr) Xpres Maite (nap) (fourth)/Twisted (5.30 Pont) Houston Dynimo (unplaced)/Chocolate Caramel (unplaced) (5.50 Ayr) Bold Marc (second 5/1) /Nevada Desert (6.05 Pont). A 10/1 winner, four places and three fourths today!

15th September: I didn't send any selections today, so I will not pretend that I sent out a load of winners! That's not my way, but you are welcome to join me for the future.

14th Sept: Athboy Auction/Al Rayanah (3.10 Yar) Lang Shining (won 5/1!)/Orchard Supreme (second 3/1) (£20.20 forecast!) (3.20 Ling) Beckermet (nap) (unplaced, was thrown in on old form) /Solar Spirit (unplaced) (3.30 Hay) Libre (nb) (second 9/2)/Fools Gold (non-runner) (3.40 Yar) Manshoor (unplaced, best in) /Brooklyn Spirit (unplaced, also well in) (3.50 Ling) Prince Apollo (hacking, unplaced) /Amanda Carter (fourth) (4.30 Hay) Equuleus Pictor (fourth) /Canadian Danehill (unplaced) (4.40 Yar) Whiskey Junction (fifth, could have done better) /Little Edward (seventh, hacking behind the leaders) (4.50 Ling) Feeling (saddle slipped, finished fourth at 66/1!) /Magnitude (unplaced, but should certainly have done better) (5.00 Hay) Yossi (fifth) /Stagecoach Emerald (unplaced) (5.10 Yar). My selection from 24th August, Silly Billy finished second in the 2.20 Lingfield at 8/1.

13th Sept: Guto (nap) (second 10/1)/Namir (unplaced) (2.00 Bright) Cold Quest (unplaced) /Kings Point (well there, unplaced) (2.20 Muss) Mororless (unplaced - should do better next time)/Magneto (led going well, unplaced) (3.00 Bright) Red Kestrel (second 7/1)/Toshi (unplaced) (3.20 Muss) Home (unplaced)/Rosy Dawn (unplaced) (3.30 Bright) Ra Junior (third 11/4) /Navajo Joe (non-runner) (3.40 Red) Zaif (unplaced - must win now)/Filun (third 12/1) (4.00 Bright) Goodbye Cash (unplaced - best in)/Ivory Lace (third 16/1 - next time!) (4.30 Bright) Highland Warrior (second 14/1) (nb)/Sandwith (won 7/1!) (forecast £90.17!) (4.50 Muss) Blue Charm (unplaced - will do better very soon) /Abhainn (second 14/1) (5.00 Bright) Foreign Rhythm (unplaced)/Ryedane (won 12/1!) (5.10 Red) Super Frank (unplaced - thrown in soon) /Know No Fear (unplaced - likewise) (5.30 Bright). Two good winners, (12/1 and 7/1), and several places today, including a superb forecast! My selections are doing very well at present!

12th Sept: Foxhaven (nap) (sixth - not wanted, but thrown in) /Clear Reef (fourth) (2.00 Good) College Scholar (unplaced) /Kings Bastion (unplaced - day off!) (2.15 Curragh) Bonnie Prince Blue (third 9/2)/Le Toreador (unplaced) (3.00 New) Docofthebay (nb) (second 12/1)/Salient (unplaced) (3.10 Good) Coolminx (second 9/2) /Flaneur (won 9/2) (£23.68 forecast) (3.35 New) Trailblazing/Choral Festival (3.45 Good) Lush Lashes/Eleanora Duse (won 3/1!) (3.45 Curr) Hard Rock City/Philario (4.15 Curr) Desert Icon (third 9/2)/Victorian Bounty (unplaced) (4.20 Good) Little Scotland (won 11/2!) /Al Farahidi (unplaced) (4.45 New) Best One (second 8/1)/The Jailer (won 6/1!) (£54.43 forecast!)(5.05 Ffos) Some good winners, good places and two forecasts put up today! My subscription service is still available! Look at the results on 10th September!

11th Sept: Matsunosuke (unplaced, but thrown in) /Piscean (third 16/1) (2.15 Sand) Aspectus (unplaced)/Gallagher (sixth again!) (2.25 Good) Hogmaneigh (unplaced)/Arganil (sixth) (2.45 Donc) Hoh Hoh Hoh (nb) (disputed lead unplaced - thrown in soon) /Red Avalanche (unplaced) (2.50 Sand) My Gacho (unplaced)/Internationaldebut (unplaced) (3.05 Chest) Georgebernardshaw (fourth)/Angels Pursuit (non runner) (3.30 Good) Golden Sword (fourth)/Wajir (third) (3.35 Chest) Premio Loco (second 7/2) /Balthazaars Gift (won 16/1!) (£65.40 forecast) (3.55 Donc) Dolphina (unplaced) /Isabella Gem (led much, fourth) (4.05 Donc) Ordnance Row (unplaced) /Swop (5.00 Donc) Kingdom Of Munster (nap) (second 8/1 - thrown in now)/Muwalla (third 14/1) (5.55 Chest). A good forecast today, but about average for a Saturday!

10th Sept: Precision Break (won 20/1!)/Desert Sea (unplaced) (2.05 Donc) Colorus (nap) (unplaced)/Zowington (won 12/1!) (2.50 Sand) Damika (unplaced)/Damien (fourth 16/1) (3.50 Donc) Zomerlust (unplaced) /Captain Ramius (won 18/1!) (4.15 Chest) Pink Palace/Hidden Glory (4.35 Sand) Syrian (fast-finishing fourth)/Layla's Dancer (unplaced) (4.45 Chest) Scamperdale (unplaced - will do better soon) /Ellemujie (unplaced) (4.55 Donc) Halsion Chancer (nb) (led, unplaced - thrown in now) /Qalahari (fourth) (5.05 Sand) The Human League (second 7/2) /Clumber Place (won 11/4!) (5.20 Chest) Commander Wish (unplaced - will do better)/Mr Udagawa (won 11/2!) (5.50 Chest). Five winners today at 20/1, 12/1, 18/1, 11/2 and 11/4, plus a 16/1 place and a forecast! Email me for your subscription!

9th Sept: Ella (led, unplaced) /Cloudy Start (unplaced) (2.35 Donc) Scorn (fifth)/Land And Sea (third) (2.50 Bath) Le Corvee (nb) (unplaced - next time!) /Corrib (second 100/30) (3.25 Bath) Bon Spiel (nap) (unplaced - thrown in soon)/Mohanad (second 4/1) (4.10 Eps) Hart Of Gold (led - unplaced) /White Shift (brief effort, unplaced) (4.35 Bath) Phluke (unplaced - will win again)/Memphis Man (unplaced - must start to show now) (4.45 Eps) The Jobber (fifth -thrown in on old form) /Namir (second 10/1) (5.05 Bath) The Human League (third 3/1) /Maze (second 6/1) (5.15 Eps) Stevie Gee (unplaced - thrown in when wanted again) /Abraham Lincoln (unplaced - must win off this mark) (5.25 Donc) Goodbye Cash (non runner)/Full Victory (non runner) (5.35 Bath). A few places and a few non runners today.

8th Sept: Byronic (second 10/1) /Fred Willetts (fifth, beaten less than a length!) (2.00 Donc) Tax Free (non runner) /Star Rover (unplaced) (3.10 Donc) Follow On (unplaced) /Eastwell Smiles (non runner) (3.30 Utt) Kinsya (unplaced) /Eastern Gift (unplaced - due now) (3.45 Donc) Mu'tab (unplaced) /Ramona Chase (won 9/2!) (3.55 Eps) Santa's Son (nap) (led most - will do better) /Royal Max (fifth - that's two in a row!) (4.05 Utt) Glengarra (led much/Quincy Des Pictons (4.40 Utt) Layla's Hero (fifth)/Quarrel (4.50 Donc) Indian Trail (nb) (third 16/1) /Oldjoesaid (unplaced - soon now!)(5.20 Donc) Bajan Sunshine (unplaced, can win soon)/Le Brocquy (lost irons, pulled up) (5.40 Utt).

7th Sept: Celticello (third 15/2)/Prince Golan (unplaced - thrown in now) (2.00 Good) Rain Stops Play (second 12/1) /Grand Zouki (third) (3.00 Sedg) Stolen Light (won 6/1!)/Maidstone Mixture (unplaced) (3.35 Sedg) Buxton (nap) (non-runner) /Fault (unplaced) (3.55 Ling) Oniz Tiptoes (nb) (unplaced)/Osolomio (led most, unplaced) (4.10 Sedg) Meydan Dubai (made ground, seventh - thrown in now!) /Salient (fourth) (4.55 Good) Coiled Spring (led, fourth again!)/Given A Choice (ran on late, sixth) (5.05 Ling) Treasury Counsel (non-runner) /Moon Melody (third - ridiculous!) (5.20 Sedg) Sunshine Always (fourth)/Kurtanella (third - no value as usual) (5.25 Good) Humourous (led, unplaced - will it be next time? God (or the trainer) knows!)/Bocciani (led, fourth - again!)(5.50 Sedg). Why do I get so many fourth places? It's enfuriating!

6th Sept: The Tatling (unplaced - lowest mark ever!)/Barons Spy (won 11/2!) (3.10 Bath) Cashel Blue (won 8/1!) /Triggernometry (unplaced) (3.30 Newt) Elkhorn (unplaced - due soon!)/Divine Spirit (unplaced - also due now) (3.50 Newc) Tampa Boy (fifth)/Some Craic (third 20/1) (4.00 Newt) Nothing Is Forever (nap) (third)/Classic Fly (fourth) (4.30 Newt) Xpres Maite (well backed - led most - unplaced - thrown in soon) /Navajo Joe (non-runner) (4.50 Newc) Wild Power (fourth)/Nesnaas (third) (5.00 Newt) La Columbina (nb) (fourth - must win now) /Garafena (disputed most - unplaced) (5.10 Bath) Nuit Sombre (third 20/1 - thrown in now -eased up?) /Bentley (unplaced) (5.20 Newc) Hartshead (unplaced - must do better soon)/Geojimali (non-runner)(5.50 Newc). A couple of winners and a couple of good places, but more consistency need - not from me, but from the trainers!

5th Sept: Mad Professor (sixth)/Tora Petcha (seventh - must win soon) (1.50 Worcs) Space Cowboy/Alrafid (2.10 Font) Kerkabellec (pulled up - thrown in soon) /Lough Rynn (sixth)(3.00 Worcs) Temple Place (non-runner) /Welcome Stranger (ran on fifth - due soon) (3.35 Worcs) Valery Borzov (ran on eighth)/Abraham Lincoln (ninth) (3.45 York) Hail The King (unplaced - thrown in soon)/Heir To Be (led most - sixth) (3.55 Font) Moon Melody (won 4/1!)/Gift Of The Gods (third) (4.30 Font) Cossack Dancer (nb) (led most - fourth) /Postmaster (second 12/1) (4.40 Worcs) Fishforcompliments (second 6/1) /Bond City (non-runner) (4.50 York) Isintshelovely (led most - unplaced)/Dora Explora (unplaced) (5.00 Font) Palomar (nap) (last - so it's next time then - they certainly make you wait!)/Robby Bobby (unplaced - thrown in for a race soon) (5.20 York)

4th Sept: French Art/Ballinteni (2.25 Thirsk) Strike Up The Band/Piscean (2.30 Hay) Kames Park/River Ardeche (2.55 Thirsk) Macarthur/Porgy (3.05 Hay) Prince Of Thebes (nap)/Alfresco (3.20 Kemp) Monfils/Monfils (nb)/Jug Of Punch (3.25 Strat) Pycian/Petrocelli (3.30 Thirsk) De Soto(fell)/Souwester (pulled up) (3.55 Strat) Alph/Gaspara (4.25 Strat) Avertuoso/Foreign Rhythm (4.40 Thirsk) Bid For Glory/Cobo Bay (4.55 Hay). I have to admit that only Petrocelli (third 50/1) was even placed today, so a worse than typical Saturday! Keep a note of the above, because coincidentally none of them were wanted today, even though top-rated. It is rare for this to happen to almost every selection on any one day!

3rd September: Cold Quest (fourth)/Berbice (third 14/1) (2.10 Muss) Smart Endeavour (third 7/2) /Swift Return (unplaced) (3.00 Bright) The Bear (unplaced) /Burnwynd Boy (unplaced - thrown in off this mark!) (3.10 Muss) Resplendent Light (hacking, unplaced) /Goodwood Starlight (unplaced) (3.20 Ling) Song Of Praise (unplaced - must show soon) /Signora Frasi (won 9/1!) (3.30 Bright) Raccoon (nap) (fourth - thrown in off this mark) /Distant Sun (non-runner) (3.40 Muss) Red Eddie/Mind The Monarch (4.20 Ling) Ivory Lace (nb) (second 8/1)/Progress (won 9/1!) (£73.46 forecast!)(4.30 Bright) Bed Fellow (unplaced) /Billy Dane (led most, fourth)(4.40 Muss) Orsett Lad (unplaced)/A Pocketful Of Rye (fourth) (4.50 Ling) Spring Horizon (fourth)/Cane Cat (unplaced)(5.30 Bright). A couple of 9/1 winners and another great forecast today (plus another few fourths)!

2nd September: Harcas (unplaced - must win soon)/Shanavaz (unplaced)(1.30 Red) Lutine Charlie (second 14/1)/Loden (unplaced - must be better than that!)(1.40 Sal) Wyatt Earp (second 16/1) /Rowayton (fifth) (3.05 Red) Fishforcompliments (nb) (third 7/2) /Just Bond (3.40 Red) Kate Skate (won 12/1!)/Uddy Mac (second 4/1) (£57.76 forecast!) (4.15 Red) Don't Tell Mary (unplaced)/Capercaillie (unplaced) (4.25 Sal) Andorn (5/1 winner!) /Dechiper (unplaced) (4.50 Red) The Jobber (second 7/2) /Matterofact (won 9/4) (£10.63 forecast!) (5.00 Sal) Zero Cool (unplaced)/Potentiale (won 9/2) (5.10 Sal) Nuit Sombre (nap) (unplaced) /Klynch (third 25/1) (5.20 Red). Three winners (one at 12/1) and six places this afternoon, including two forecasts!
Evening selections: Best One (non-runner)/Figaro Flyer (favourite - unplaced) (5.45 Wolv) Loyal Royal (unplaced) /Darcey (won 16/1!) (6.20) Baby Strange (fifth)/Spectait (unplaced) (8.20) Icelandic (non-runner) /Imprimis Tagula (unplaced) (8.50) Corrib (fourth)/Tres Froide (fifth) (9.20) Four winners in total today, including 16/1 and 12/1. My tip from 19th August, Malcheek, 14/1 winner of the 8.50 Wolverhampton! The perennial problem with tipping is the my previous tips often win when they are not best in and I have selected a better handicapped runner!

1st September: Negotiation (10/1 second)/First In The Queue (8/1 winner!) (£85.82 forecast!) (2.20 Ling) Gunnadoit (unplaced - should win soon) /Bazart (unplaced - ran on late) (2.40 Her) Rapide Plaisir (nap) (sixth) /Sea Cliff (third 4/1) (3.10 Her) The Composer (fifth)/Spiritonthemount (fourth) (3.20 Ling) Beaver Patrol (nb) (won 9/2!) /Highland Harvest (unplaced - will do better soon)(3.30 Bright) Chevy To The Levy (won 7/1!) /Winter Star (unplaced) (3.40 Her) Electric City (unplaced - keep it in mind!) /Red Barcelona (unplaced) (4.00 Bright) Frosted Grape (won 4/1!) /I'm The Decider (last - next time!) (4.40 Her) Phluke (won 9/2!)/Master Mahogany (unplaced) (5.00 Bright) Swift Return (second 6/1) /Raven's Rose (unplaced) (5.25 Ling). Five winners today and several places, including the forecast in the first race!

31st August: Dazeen (third 5/1) /Power Of Dreams (unplaced) (2.30 Rip) Bajan Bullet (third 15/2)/Glen's Princess (unplaced) (2.40 Leics) Gold Ring (led much, fourth again!) /Stumped (fifth) (2.50 Newt) Red Wine (third 18/1)/Hurlingham (second 7/1) (3.10 Leics) Alsahil (unplaced, ran on late)/Jack Dawkins (well there, unplaced)(3.30 Rip) Vacario (nap) (fifth, close up) /Cinaman (unplaced) (4.20 Newt) Kingsmaite (nb) (thrown in, unplaced) /Copperwood (third 14/1) (4.40 Leics) Young Tot (fourth - again -it gets ridiculously worse!)/Captain Marlon (fifth) (4.55 Newt) Classic Descent (unplaced - thrown in anytime now)/Ours (second 12/1) (5.05 Rip) Given A Choice (unplaced - must do better now) /Always Baileys (led, dropped out as usual!) (5.15 Leics) Capable Guest (third 9/1) /Smugglers Bay (unplaced) (5.35 Rip). A good number of places (seven) today, but a winner or two would be nice! Dove Cottage (my selection on 20th August) came second today at 14/1. My tip from 22nd August (see my comment then) Royal Holiday 16/1 winner of the 7.40 Southwell!

30th August: Chrysander (third 11/2) /That Man Fox (unplaced) (2.30 Hunt) Yurituni (second 16/1) /Royal Blade (led, unplaced) (2.35 Eps) Peak Seasons (second 4/1)/Murphys Beau (third 7/2) (2.55 Cart) Indian Pipe Dream (second 20/1)/Silmi (won 5/2) (£46.45 forecast!) (3.30 Cart) Prince Apollo (nb) (unplaced - will do better soon) /It's Dubai Dolly (fourth) (3.55 War) Foxhaven (nap) (unplaced - thrown in when wanted again)/Celticello (sixth) (4.20 Eps) Valdan (unplaced, but keep an eye on it!) /Duty Free (fourth) (4.40 Cart) Ramona Chase (third) /Wind Star (unplaced) (4.55 Eps) Masterpoint (unplaced) /Back In Business (unplaced) (5.25 Hunt) Phai Mai Blue (in the lead a furlong out, unplaced)/Ermyn Express (also in the lead, unplaced) (5.30 Eps) Takajan (unplaced) /Doctor Hilary (fourth, as usual!) (5.40 War). Thought it was going to be a productive day for a while there! But it is never possible to keep it up for whatever reason! A few fourths and thirds in seven horse races, as usual! Not a bad start, but the volume of racing was horrendous today, and almost impossible to keep up with!

29th August: Fremen (second 7/1) /Stonehaugh (third 16/1) (2.20 Bev) Gone'n'Dunnett (unplaced) /Chandrayan (unplaced) (2.35 Yar) Trafalgar Square (nap) (non-runner) /Mavalenta (fourth) (2.45 Good) Aviso (fifth) /Cativo Cavallino (fourth) (3.45 Yar) Gower Sophia (third 9/2) /On The Piste (unplaced) (4.05 Bev) Guto (nb) (second - nose- 9/1) /Nawaaff (non runner) (4.20 Yar) Red Kestrel (led most - fourth - I'm good at those)/Kames Park (fifth) - they like doing that to me) (4.40 Bev) Negotiation (non runner)/Agapanthus (last) (4.55 Yar) Battle Study (led - fourth)/Akamon (won 7/4) (5.15 Bev) Spiritofthewest (missed break - how often do I say that?) /Calabaza (unplaced) (5.40 Good). I have put all my fourth and fifth places today in blue, and I assure you that each and every one of those should have been in the first two, but they like to mess around!

28th August: Gallagher (nb) (unplaced)/Mata Keranjang (disputed, eased off!) (2.00 Good) Dabbers Ridge (nap) (third 8/1) /Saucy Brown (led, unplaced) (2.25 Bev) Syrian (unplaced)/Take It To The Max (disputed much, unplaced) (3.00 Bev) Look Busy (missed break, ran on late)/Masta Plasta (led, unplaced) (3.30 Bev) Galpin Junior (fourth) /King Of Swords (unplaced) (4.05 New) Front Rank (won 5/1!) /Orpen Wide (pulled up!)(4.20 Cart) Highland Warrior (unplaced - next time!) /Equuleus Pictor (unplaced - soon!)(4.30 New) Kerrys Requiem (fourth) /Perfect Flight (4.50 Good) Royal Flynn (second 5/1) /Galley Slave (won 11/2!) (£33.91 forecast!) (4.55 Cart) Qalahari (unplaced) /Moynahan (ran on fifth) (5.00 New) Parchment (unplaced - must do better!) /Lucayan Dancer (top-rated - fourth) (5.15 Bev). My selection from the last three times, Angus Newz (see 9th and 13th August and 26th July) 11/1 winner of the 4.30 Newmarket! They do win eventually, they just like to string us along a little! If you keep a note of my selections, they will reward in the end! A couple of winner and a forecast today, but it is a Saturday!

27th August: Beckermet (second 5/1) /Pearly Wey (unplaced) (1.40 Thirsk) Andorn (non-runner) /Jeu De Roseau (unplaced) (2.10 Thirsk) Memphis Man (unplaced) /Desert Icon (second 3/1) (2.30 Ffos) Kings Point (fifth) /Commando Scott (won 4/1!) (3.15 Thirsk) French Art (non-runner) /Methaaly (made ground, unplaced) (3.50 Thirsk) Oceans Minstrel (nb) (third 16/1) /Lethal Glaze (unplaced) (4.05 New) Knight Legend (fourth) /Nudge And Nurdle (third 6/1) (4.50 Ffos) Lucky Art (nap) (unseated rider - what else can happen?) /Fashion Icon (unplaced - next time) (5.00 Thirsk) Frequency (won 7/2) /Flighty Frances (third) (5.10 New) Viking Spirit (unplaced - next time!)/Stevie Gee (unplaced) (5.40 New). A few good results, but still more needed!

26th August: River Falcon (third 16/1 - beaten a nose for second) /Zomerlust (won 6/1!) (3.10 Ayr) Duplicity (unplaced) /Cansili Star (won 11/2!) (3.20 Ffos) Hinton Admiral (unplaced)/Vhujon (unplaced) (3.30 Ling) Jewelled Dagger (disputed, unplaced) /Kimberley Downs (led, unplaced) (3.40 Ayr) Sri Kuantan (led, unplaced - keep it in mind) /Chocolate Caramel (second 15/2) (4.10 Ayr) Weetentherty (unplaced) /Itsthursdayalready (third) (4.40 Ayr) Crocodile Bay (nap) (fourth - I could see it coming!)/Bourse (fifth) (5.15 Ayr) Vinces (third 6/1) /Christophers Quest (unplaced)(5.00 Ling) Petite Margot (second 3/1) /Thunder Hawk (fourth) (5.55 Cart) Stolen Light (third) (6.55 Cart) Panzer (third, of course) (8.00 Cart) A couple of winners and a few places, but still disappointing. I'll hit them one day! So many thirds in small races!

25th August: Hosanna (unplaced)/This One's For Eddy (third 11/2) (2.40 Ayr) Kings Point (fourth) /El Dececy (won 9/4) (3.10 Ayr) Kings Majesty (unplaced) /Andorn (won 11/2!)(3.20 Catt) Marafong (nb) (fifth) /Chat De Soie (unplaced) (3.30 Bright) King Of The Moors (unplaced) (third at 28/1 on 26th August!) /Moheebb (unplaced) (3.40 Ayr) Just The Tonic (left in stalls) /Tukitinyasok (second 5/1) (3.50 Catt) Talk Of Saafend (unplced) /Shy Glance(4.10 (unplaced) Ayr) Raccoon (nap) (unplaced) /Countrywide City (unplaced) (4.20 Catt) Reach For The Sky (unplaced) /Coolree Star (unplaced) (4.40 Ayr) Electric City (fifth) /Dispol Kabira (unplaced) (4.50 Catt) Hold On Tiger (fifth)/Six Wives (unplaced) (5.10 Ayr). A good start with a win or a place in each of the first three races, and then almost nothing! Unaccountable! I think they are giving me fifths instead of fourths now!

24th August: Eastern Gift (sixth) /Astrodonna (unplaced) (2.30 Yar) Whatcanyasay (fell)/Schinken Otto (second 4/1) (2.45 Sedg) Spitfire (third) /Doric Lady (fourth) (3.30 Yar) First Fought (third 12/1 - ran on when too late - typical) /Hapthor (refused to race) (3.45 Sedg) Nobel (nap) (sixth) /Harcas (fifth) (4.15 Sedg) Inner Voice (fourth) /Humourous (unplaced) (4.45 Sedg) The Hermitage (led, last, of course!)/Blue Lyric (unplaced) (5.00 Yar) A Pocketful Of Rye (third 12/1) /Aqua Vitae (second 12/1) (6.40 Kemp) Aeroplane (unplaced - ridiculous! Should certainly have won off this mark!)/Dickie Le Davoir (non-runner) (6.50 Leics) Williams Way (nb) (sixth - thrown in, never made any effort to compete, and was just lobbing along! There, I've expressed my opinion on that run) /Graylyn Ruby (unplaced - also much better than its finishing position) (8.10 Kemp) Bell's Ocean (fifth) /Mororless (non-runner) (9.10 Kemp). A very disappointing set of runners today, most of which can do much better. Come on chaps, give us a chance!

23rd August: Silly Billy (fourth)/Johnny Hancocks (unplaced) (2.15 Kemp) Saviour Sand (led, unplaced) /Given A Choice (unplaced - will do much better) (3.15 Kemp) Little Edward (third 12/1)/Danzoe (won 20/1!) (3.45 Kemp) Tallawalla (fifth) /Miss Chaumiere (second 7/1) (4.00 Ham) Opera Dancer (fourth) /Set To Music (unplaced) (4.20 Kemp) Tournedos (second for a while, dropped out) /Almaty Express (ran on fourth) (4.35 Ham) Kings Head (nap) (non-runner) /Magnitude (second 20/1) (5.05 Ham) Fareej (unplaced) /Wild Rose (won 11/1!) (5.20 Kemp) Front Rank (third 4/1) (nb)/Regents Secret (fourth- ran on too late again!) (5.35 Ham). Two winners at 20/1 and 11/1 today, plus several places! That should see you in profit!

Evening selections: Green Wadi (third 22/1) (6.45 Windsor) Robby Bobby (last, of course!)(7.00 Carl) Berbice (non-runner) (7.30 Carl) Bold Marc/Dhhamaan (disputed lead, dropped back to sixth) (8.00 Carl) Convince (fifth) (second 8/1 30th August) /Ginobili (unplaced) (7.45 Winds). What do you have to do to get the best horses to perform?

22nd August: Cold Quest (nap) (won 16/1!) /Officer Mor (unplaced) (2.20 Muss) Landucci (fourth) /Fault (won 4/1!) (2.40 Folk) Resplendent Alpha (must try sometime) (third 12/1) /Fathey (fourth) (3.10 Folk) Valdan (unplaced)/Yossi (unplaced) (3.20 Muss) Super Frank (last!) /Angel Of Fashion (non-runner) (3.40 Folk) Raslan (won 15/2!) /Postmaster (non-runner) (3.30 Newt) Princess Flame (pulled up) /Pocket Too (third 9/2) (4.00 Newt) The Bear (fourth) /Jargelle (led - unplaced will do better) (4.20 Muss) Orchard King (pulled up - too big a price!) /Back In Business (led much - also pulled up)(4.30 Newt) Oddsmaker (fourth) (nb)/Golden Future (fifth) (4.50 Muss) Military Call (won 5/1!) /Royal Holiday (unplaced, must try soon) (won 16/1 on 31st August!) (5.20 Muss). Four winners today, including my nap at 16/1! A few better efforts could have had a few more winners!

21st August: Indian Trail (unplaced) /Victorian Bounty (fifth) (2.20 Chest) Klynch (nb) (fifth) /Saucy Girl (unplaced)(2.30 Rip) Bathwick Breeze (fourth) /Moon Melody (third 9/1) (2.45 Newt) Flipping (unplaced) /Muwalla (fifth) (3.05 Rip) Ramona Chase/Jo'burg (3.10 Sand) Silverburn (third 12/1) /Pablo Du Charmil (unplaced) (3.15 Newt) Mastership (unplaced)/Red Cape (unplaced) (4.10 Rip) Young Tot (nap) (fourth again - how long will it take?)/Ouste (unplaced) (4.55 Newt) Ballinteni/Archie Rice (5.25 Sand) Treasury Counsel (pulled up) /Bring It On Home (non-runner) (5.30 Newt) Green Manalishi/Green Park (third 11/1) (6.10 Chest). Very poor today, as usual for a Saturday, although I got a good profit from other races (typical)!

20th August: Rio De La Plata (won 7/1!) /Cesare (unplaced) (2.15 York) McQueen/Some Magic (2.30 Bang) The Jobber (nap) (unplaced - must win soon off this mark!) /Even Bolder (third 7/1) (2.40 Sand) Nordwind/Dancewiththedevil (3.40 Bang) General Elliott (unplaced) /Halsion Chancer (unplaced) (3.50 Sand) Palomar (nb) (unplaced) /Wicked Daze (second 12/1) (4.40 York) Sovereignty (unplaced)/King Columbo (fourth) (4.55 Sal) Not My Choice (led, unplaced) /Figaro Flyer (sixth) (6.45 Wolv) Royal Premier (non-runner)/Dove Cottage (non-runner) (8.05 Sal) Out Of Nothing (led, fourth)/Athboy Auction (unplaced) (8.50 Wolv) Bid For Glory (unplaced) /Hindu Kush (third 4/1)(9.20 Wolv)

19th August: Classic Fly (third 12/1)/Bazart (unplaced) (2.05 Strat) Sandwith (fourth)/Ursus (non-runner) (2.30 Muss) Mahadee (unplaced) /Extraterrestrial (unplaced) (2.50 York) Lakeman (unplaced)/Crocodile Bay (non-runner) (3.05 Muss) Swordsman (nap) (won 4/1!)/Rash Moment (second 11/4) (forecast £15.44!) (3.15 Strat) Malcheek (fifth) /Dickie Le Davoir (unplaced) (3.40 Muss) Copperbeech (third 10/1) /Eldalil (unplaced)(4.05 York) Above Limits (unplaced)/Tawaabb (unplaced) (4.40 York) Classic Descent (unplaced) /Kimberley Downs (won 8/1!) (4.50 Muss) Young Tot (nb) (fourth - of course!)/Adjami (unplaced) (5.00 Strat). Not too bad today, with two winners and a £15 forecast!

18th August: Sohcatoa (unplaced)/Crackentorp (unplaced) (1.45 York) Weetentherty (fifth)/Pycian (fourth) (2.30 Ham) Galpin Junior (unplaced) /Rievaulx World (unplaced) (2.40 Carl) Salerosa (unplaced) /Solitary (unplaced)(3.15 Carl) Centennial (led, unplaced) /Overturn (led, unplaced) (3.25 York) Talk Of Saafend (led, unplaced)/King Of The Moors (missed break, unplaced) (3.40 Ham) Military Call (third 10/1) /Dispol Kabira (unplaced) (4.25 Carl) Kings Head (nap) (unplaced) /Regents Secret (unplaced) (4.50 Ham) Parchment (nb) (thrown in - unplaced) /Media Stars (next best - unplaced) (5.00 Carl) Roman History(fourth) /Sharp Sovereign (won 11/8) (5.20 Ham). One of those days best forgotten. This game has an incredible tendency to buoy you up one minute, then knock you down the next!

17th August: These selections were genuinely sent out today on the subscription service before 1 p.m. and you can see that they include four winners at 33/1, 14/1, 8/1 and 7/4, plus another 5/2 winner sent out a few days ago! Oldjoesaid (unplaced)/Strike Up The Band (unplaced)(1.45 York) Calabaza (unplaced - will try soon) /Shakespeare's Son (second 9/2) (2.00 Bright) Kings Approach (nap - thrown in, only had to stand up!) (fourth) /Ermyntrude (won 33/1!) (3.10 Bright) Rip Van Winkle (won 7/4) /Dick Turpin (unplaced) (3.25 York) Illuminative (led, unplaced) /Librettista (won 8/1!) (3.45 Bright) Jaahiz (unplaced) /Barista (hampered twice - fifth) (4.05 York) Charlie Cool (unplaced) /Sweet Lightning (won 14/1!) (4.40 York) Phluke (nb) (third - must win soon, but I've been saying that for months!) /Ivory Lace (non-runner) (4.55 Bright) Loyal Royal (unplaced) /Super Frank (fourth) (5.25 Bright) Elhamri (second 12/1) /Best One (fourth - beaten a whisker for third!)(5.55 Bright). Note: My tip from 11th August, Rio Royale won the 2.00 Brighton at 5/2 today.

16th August: Annia Galeria (won 9/1!) /Thewinnatakesitall (unplaced)(2.15 Wolv) Green Park (unplaced) /Baby Strange (second 12/1) (3.15 Wolv) Prince Of Thebes (nb) (unplaced) /Cobo Bay (led, unplaced) (3.30 Kemp) Cherri Fosfate (second 3/1)/Mississippian (unplaced) (3.45 Wolv) Quarrel (unplaced) /Al Farahidi (third 12/1 from 20/1) (4.00 Kemp) Williams Way (nap) (third - seven horse race, of course - I swear it could have won) /Alnwick (second 9/2) (4.30 Kemp) Buxton (second 15/2) /Shaws Diamond (fourth) (4.45 Wolv) Water Gipsy (fourth) /Excellent Day (second 10/1) (5.00 Kemp) Wavertree Warrior (ran on fourth) /Tres Froide (second 9/2) (5.15 Wolv). A 9/1 winner and seven places today. At least good priced places keep you going, but it would have been better if a few had won, as they certainly could have! And my selection from last time out, on 25th July, Perfect Ch'i, 8/1 winner of the 7.30 Yarmouth!

15th August: Option Money (nap) (pulled up - almost expected!)/Strong Coffee (third 3/1) (2.20 South) Record Breaker (unplaced)/Knight's Victory (unplaced) (2.40 Pont) The Tatling (unplaced) /Stamford Blue (second 100/30) (3.00 Bath) Planetarium (unplaced) /Chocolate Caramel (came up hacking, dropped out) (3.10 Pont) Lilly Blue (nb) (last as usual!)/Avon Castle (unplaced) (3.30 Bath) Tominator/Law To Himself (4.10 Pont) Heir To Be (fourth) /Cannon Fire (won 4/1!) (4.20 South) Celtic Dragon (unplaced - will do better soon) /Bold Cross (third 12/1) (4.30 Bath) Greek Secret/King Of Swords (third 9/2) (5.10 Pont) Donovan (unplaced) /Free To Air (last probably!)(5.20 South). Just one winner and three places today. There is nothing you can do other than pick the best rated horses, and if they don't perform, I have no control! Just the same, I am gutted!

14th August: Pearly Wey (nap) (unplaced - must try soon!) /Southandwest (unplaced) (1.50 Donc) Witchry (won 5/1!)/Zowington (unplaced) (2.45 Newm) Commando Scott (won 6/1!) /Nacho Libre (fourth) (3.25 Donc) Advanced (unplaced) /Fullandby (unplaced) (3.30 Rip) Stevie Gee (unplaced) /Nezami (fourth) (3.40 New) Aldermoor (led, unplaced) /Spirit Of Sharjah (third 9/1) (4.00 Donc) Frognal (unplaced)/Tabaret (won 10/1!) (4.35 Donc) Bon Spiel (led, unplaced)/King Supreme (4.50 Newb) Kames Park (hacked up, no room, finished fifth) /Motafarred (led most, dropped out) (5.10 Donc) Bolodenka (fourth) (nb)/Exit Smiling (led, unplaced) (5.15 Rip). Three winners today at 10/1, 6/1, and 5/1!

13th August: Angus Newz (will win one day) (fourth) /Feeling Foxy (second 8/1) (2.55 Nott) Divine Spirit (nap) (non-runner) /Ten Down (nap) (non-runner)/ Best One (non-runner) (3.30 Nott) Sgt Schultz (last)/Lang Shining (second 100/30) (2.35 Newb) Goodwood Starlight (fourth - just pipped)/Brett Vale (50/1 - unplaced) (3.10 Newb) Reel Amber (third) /Dotty Darroch (unplaced) (3.20 Newc) Zomerlust (third 5/1) /Game Lad (unplaced - next time!)(3.55 Newc) Snoqualmie Star (second 7/1) /Bahamian Music (won 10/1!) (forecast £70.51!) (4.05 Nott) Captain Royale (led most - second 12/1) /Elkhorn (unplaced) (5.05 Newc) - (He's A Humbug (unplaced) will probably win when I don't give it!) Grosse Prophet (nb) (won 8/1!) /San Antonio (unplaced - will do better soon) (5.25 Newb) Six Wives (non-runner) /Lieu Day Louie (unplaced) (5.40 Newc). Another good forecast today, including a 10/1 winner, and an 8/1 winner! A much better day, and things are beginning to fire! Contact me for your subscription!

12th August: Quince (thrown in - unplaced)/Slip (next best - unplaced) (2.10 Bev) Caranbola (won 7/2!)/Piste (unplaced) (3.15 Bev) Viking Spirit (thrown in - unplaced - next time!) /Mishrif (second 15/2) (3.25 Eps) Shy (unplaced)/Aktia (won 11/2!)(3.40 Sal) Keenes Day (won 5/2!) /Rawnaq (second 11/4) (forecast £9.80) (3.50 Bev) Majuro (fast finishing fourth) /Resurge (won 6/1!) (4.00 Eps) Miss Firefly (thrown in - unplaced)/Dualagi (well in-unplaced) (4.50 Sal) Lucayan Dancer (made no effort to compete) /Royal Applord (unplaced) (5.00 Bev) Zaif (nap) (sixth) /Grand Bay (unplaced) (5.20 Sal) Kings Point (nb) (third 5/1) /Officer Mor (led for along way, unplaced) (5.30 Bev). Four winners and a straight forecast today, which at least is a lot better.

11th August: Kheskianto (led, faded late)/Fathey (third 12/1) (2.10 Bev) Maze (second 8/1) /French Art (fourth) (3.25 Yar) Green Manalishi (again!) (fourth - b....!)/Green Park (unplaced, next time now!) (3.45 Bev) Colinca's Lad (third)/Easy Wonder (fourth) (3.55 Yar) Grazeon Gold Blend (unplaced) /Snowed Under (made ground, dropped out) (4.20 Bev) Marafong (nap) (thrown in, unplaced - what is the point of napping a horse that makes no effort?) /The Midshipmaid (unplaced)(4.30 Yar) Merrymadcap (led (usually fatal), unplaced) /Smart Endeavour (fifth) (4.40 Sal) Irish Eyes (hacking, dropped right out for no reason) /The Caped Crusader (non-runner) (4.50 Bev) Wood Fair (won 15/2 - hurrah!)/Underworld Dandy (unplaced) (5.00 Yar) Sphere (there all the way, fifth) /Grey Command (made ground, unplaced) (5.25 Bev) Rio Royale (third 9/1) (nb)/Foxtrot Alpha (won 4/1) (5.10 Sal).Well, a better finish, but still too many non-competitors for my liking! Just about all of my selections were well in contention at some point in the race.

10th August: Today's selections, with a great start, two winners at 14/1 and 12/1 in the first two selected races! Cativo Cavallino (fifth) /Salient (won 14/1!) (4.00 Ling) Is It Me (fourth) /What A Scientist (won 12/1!) (4.15 Newt) Kerry's Requiem (ran on sixth) /The Hermitage (led almost all the way, fifth, beaten about a length!) (4.30 Ling) Wild Power (fell) /Moon Bear (third 6/1) (4.45 Newt) Cave Of The Giant (unplaced - thrown in soon) /Bathwick Breeze (second 14/1) (5.15 Newt) Boo (nap) (unplaced, thrown in soon) /Kingaroo (non-runner) (5.20 Nott) Resplendent Alpha (unplaced - must try soon) / He's A Humbug (second 7/1) (7.20 Nott) Matsunosuke (thrown in, made ground, just dropped out like a light (last)!)/Star Rover (looked well there, faded to another fourth!) (7.50 Nott) Colorus (right there, did not go on) /Mansii (third 10/1) (8.20 Nott) Track Record (last) (7.35 Ffos Las) Aeroplane (nb) (last) (8.05 Ffos Las) Kingdom Of Munster (8.35 Ffos Las). The three horses that I have put (last) in blue were all best in by some distance in their races, so what does that tell you about horses running to their merits? Two winners (in the first two races) at 14/1 and 12/1 and several places today.

9th August: Dunaskin (nb) (seventh - interesting for next time) /Profits Reality (fifth) (3.00 South) Forward Feline (third 20/1) /Music Maestro (fourth) (3.15 Wolv) Angus Newz (thrown in - fourth)/La Capriosa (second 15/8) (3.30 South) Shaabek (fourth) /Greek Islands (favourite - unplaced after being in easy lead!) (3.45 Wolv) Bel Cantor (up there a long way, unplaced) /Deadly Secret (unplaced - must try soon) (4.30 South) Shannersburg (won 7/4) /Motarjm (unplaced) (4.15 Wolv) Turkish Sultan (unplaced)/Cherri Fosfate (non-runner) (4.45 Wolv) Calmdownmate (nap) (fifth - ridiculous!) /Van Bossed (got loose - unplaced of course) (5.00 South) Tres Froide (third 10/1) /Portrush Storm (unplaced) (5.15 Wolv) Rare Coincidence (led, finished last!) /Sir Sandicliffe (fifth) (5.45 Wolv). Pretty ropey again today, but must hit a few soon by the mere fact that all my selections are top-rated, and they can't keep running like nags!!

8th August: Trafalgar Square (unplaced) /Phluke (unplaced) (2.30 Winds) Daddy's Gift (second 13/2) /Fault (won 8/1!) (£54.12 forecast!) (2.50 Leics) Dispol Kabira (unplaced)/Military Call (fourth) (3.10 Red) Tasmeem (nb) (flew at the finish, but somehow finished fourth!) /Coin From Heaven (fifth) (3.40 Red) Scamperdale (unplaced) /Docofthebay (unplaced, clear best in, but taking their time!) (3.50 Leics) Folio (nap) (fourth) /Choral Festival (unplaced) (4.00 Winds) Ra Junior (nap) (non-runner) Cono Zur (second 6/4) /Kings Sabre (fourth) (4.10 Red) Black Baccara (fifth)/Maragna (unplaced) (4.50 Leics) Louphole (unplaced)/Charles Darwin (unplaced)(5.00 Winds) Musca (unplaced) /He's A Humbug (unplaced) /Ten To The Dozen e/w (missed break, unplaced) (5.10 Red) A few at the Curragh: Lac A Dancer (fourth) (3.15) Pencil Hill (won 4/1) /Takeover Bid e/w (4.45) Gist (unplaced) (5.45). Well, a very good start but a poor finish. However, the good thing is that you can be sure all of these will run much better very soon, so make a note! Believe it ot not, I actually made a decent profit on the day from about three races!

7th August: Ramona Chase (third 14/1) /Abergavenny (unplaced) (2.05 New) Smokey Oakey (unplaced - next time!)/Moheebb (unplaced) (2.20 Hay) Titan Triumph (unplaced) /Gallagher (unplaced) (3.10 New) Benandonner (third 9/2) /Aspectus (up with the pace, unplaced - will do much better soon) (3.20 Asc) Spectait (missed break, ran on) /Charlie Cool (unplaced - will do better) (3.25 Hay) Macarthur (nap) (unplaced)/Strategic Mount (unplaced) (4.30 Asc) Excusez Moi (nb) (non-runner) /Cornus (unplaced) (4.35 Hay) Danum Dancer (led, unplaced)/The History Man (unplaced) (5.10 Hay) Andorn (won 9/2) /Piermarini (unplaced) (5.20 Red) Memphis Man (unplaced)/Tenancy (led, fifth) (5.45 Hay) A few others expected to run well today: Judge And Jury (unplaced) (2.10 Asc) Bolodenka (third) (2.30 Red), White Deer (unplaced) (3.05 Red), Heron Bay (unplaced) (3.55 Asc), Qalahari (second 18/1) (5.25 New). Well another Saturday, and another almost blank day. Think I'll stop selecting on Saturdays!

6th August: Here is what I sent out today: Heir To Be (second 7/2) /Eljay's Boy (sixth) (2.20 Worcs) Sunrise Lyric (won 13/2!) /Kilmanseck (unplaced) (3.00 Bright) Briannsta (fast-finishing fourth - disgraceful!) (nap)/Norse Warrior (unplaced) (3.10 Ling) Hart Of Gold (second 6/1) /Loyal Royal (won 9/4) (£15.89 forecast!) (3.40 Ling) Soubriquet (third 11/1) /Present Glory (pulled up) (3.50 Worcs) Kings Approach (second 10/1) /Rigid (third 10/1) (4.10 Ling) Young Tot (nb) (running on fifth) /Jug Of Punch (pulled up - back it over 2m4f+) (4.20 Worcs) Petite Margot (fourth) /Carrick Oscar (third 14/1) (4.50 Worcs) Supercast (led-unplaced - next time!) /Slip (unplaced) (5.10 Ling) Foxtrot Bravo (last all the way) /Free Falling (led, unplaced) (5.30 Bright). Well, a few good results, including a forecast, but could have been much better after a good start.

5th August: Here's what I sent out today, including a 22/1 winner, and the first and second in another! Transfixed (unplaced)/Talamahana (unplaced) (2.30 Bright) Summers Target (nap) (unplaced) /Northumberland (unplaced) (2.50 Yar) Reach For The Sky (unplaced - thrown in soon) /Schoolboy Champ (third 7/1) (3.10 Hay) Resplendent Light (second 10/1) /Hawaana (won 13/2!) (forecast £69.32!) (3.30 Bright) Kenyan Cat (unplaced) /Half Sister (unplaced) (3.50 Yar) Phluke (third)/Prince Valentine (second 8/1) (4.00 Bright) Easy Wonder (unplaced) /Negotiation (won 22/1!) (4.20 Yar) Casino Night (fourth)/Highland Love (led, dropped out - how often do I say that?) (4.40 Hay) Wavertree Warrior (fifth - thrown in soon) /Western Roots (led, dropped out - will do much better off this mark!) (5.00 Bright) Mymateeric (nb) (second 11/1) /River Danube (unplaced) (5.25 Yar). A 22/1 winner and the first and second at 13/2 and 10/1 in the 3.10 Haydock, and a narrow 11/1 second!

4th August: Here is what I sent out today, including a 40/1 winner (50/1 available just before the off)!: Prince Golan (fifth)/Film Festival (unplaced) (2.10 Pont) Quince (second 12/1) (nb)/Turners Touch (unplaced) (3.00 Bright) Eastern Gift (unplaced) /Twilight Star (led, unplaced) (3.30 Bright), Geojimali (unplaced - must win soon) /Tukitinyasok (won 40/1!) /Dhhamaan (led most, unplaced - will do better next time) (3.50 Newc) King Of Swords (won 100/30) /Galpin Junior (unplaced) (4.10 Pont) Rosiliant (third 2/1) /Lady Hetherington (unplaced) (4.30 Newc) Dabbers Ridge (won 5/1!) /Royal Dignitary (led most, unplaced) (4.40 Pont) Bravely (nap) (unplaced - must show soon) /Lake Chini (second 12/1) (4.50 Newc) Vhujon (second 11/2) /Magical Speedfit (5.00 Bright) Gertmegalush (fifth) /We'll Deal Again (unplaced) (5.10 Pont) Navajo Joe (second 7/1) /Rainbow Zest (last - will do better soon)(5.20 Newc). Three winners including a 40/1 today, and a number of places, including two at 12/1.

3rd August: Selections given today: Shannersburg (second 7/2)/Lava Lamp (won 13/8) (forecast £7.10) (2.30 Catt) Garafena (fifth) /Princess Flame (fourth)(2.45 Chep) Klynch (fourth)/Wyatt Earp (led, unplaced) (3.00 Catt) Salvationist (unplaced) /Maggies Treasure (second 7/1) (3.15 Chep) Diamond Vine (won 4/1) /The Best Mode (sixth) (3.45 Chep) Azygous (unplaced) (nb)/Raccoon (second 8/1) (4.00 Catt) Lucayan Dancer (thrown in, third, ridiculous!) (4.30 Catt) Out Of Nothing (non-runner)/Dubai Gem (fourth)(4.45 Chep) Sweet Mirasol (second (head) 14/1)/Dispol Kabira (unplaced) (5.00 Catt) Bere Davis (nap) (unplaced - farcical again!) /Straight Face (unplaced)(5.15 Chep). A couple of winners, including the forecast and a few good places today, but not as good as I hoped! There is nothing we can do if they don't compete, and unfortunately connections are responsible for that!

2nd August: Here is what I gave my subscribers today: Sadlers Star (second 11/2) /Wilbury Star (fourth) (2.30 Newt) Itsthursdayalready (fourth) /Gower Sophia (second (nose) 16/1) (2.45 Rip) Von Galen (fourth) /Dasher Reilly (unplaced) 3.00 Newt) Veiled Applause (second 16/1)/City Of The Kings (won 11/1!) (£169.42 forecast!) (3.15 Rip) Marc Aurele (third 5/1) /Decision (unplaced) (3.30 Newt) Excusez Moi (ran on late for fourth)/Red Cape (unplaced) (3.45 Rip) O'Toole (fourth) /Captain Marlon (second 7/4) (4.00 Newt) Sea Cliff (sixth) /Vacario (fifth) (4.30 Newt) Capable Guest (nb) (third 16/1) /Hurlingham (second 13/2) (5.15 Rip) Monsieur (nap) (third 20/1)/Temple Place (second 16/1) (5.30 Newt). My other choice for this race, Nothing Is Forever, won at 4/1 and gave me a superb forecast and tricast (see my main Racing Info page). There is still time to subscribe (see above) and share some good wins and places!

1st August: Here is what I sent on the subscription service today: Reel Missile (led much, unplaced) /General Smith (won 12/1!) (2.00 Mkt) Apex (unplaced) /Captain Oats (unplaced) (2.10 New) Binnion Bay (fifth)/The Starboard Bow (unplaced) (2.45 New) Extra Power (unplaced) /Captain Dimitrios (second 11/2) (2.55 Chest) Wi Dud (fifth) /Doncaster Rover (unplaced) (3.30 Chest) El Presidente (third 25/1) /Ursis (led, unplaced) (3.40 Mkt) Imprimis Tagula (unplaced) /Internationaldebut (fourth) (4.05 Chest) Becqu Adoree (fourth) /Gallic Star (unplaced) (4.30 New) Nesnaas (second 12/1) /Sycho Fred (pulled up) (4.50 Mkt) Cape Royal (third 10/1) /Equuleus Pictor (unplaced)(5.00 New) Paktolos (unplaced) /Union Island (unplaced) (5.10 Chest). Started well with yet another 12/1 winner, and a few good places.

31st July: It is the weekend, when usually my results are not so good, but let's see: Meglio Ancora (sixth) /Street Entertainer (unplaced -stablemate won) (1.55 Good), Dancing Freddy (fourth) /Saucy Girl (unplaced) (2.05 Donc), Archie Rice (led, unplaced) /Lord Theo (third 13/2) (3.20 New), Crocodile Bay (unplaced) /Champain Sands (unplaced) (3.25 Thirsk), Advanced (nap) (unplaced) /Edge Closer (unplaced) (3.40 Good), Rosbay (unplaced) /Billy Dane (led most - fifth) (4.05 Thirsk), (Kimberley Downs) (non-runner)/Sir Sandicliffe (unplaced) /Bandanaman (unplaced) (4.40 Thirsk), With Hindsight (unplaced) /Style And Panache (unplaced) (4.50 Good), Barraland/Dream Express (second 14/1) (5.15 Thirsk), Lang Shining (unplaced)/Ivory Lace (unplaced) (5.25 Good), Yungaburra (won 12/1!) /All You Need (fifth) (5.45 Thirsk). Re-posted at 1.03 p.m. How many times have I tipped Yungaburra recently? I thought it was about time we had a better run!

30th July: Let's hope for a few more like those of the last two days! This afternoon's selections: Duncan (fourth) /Traffic Guard (third 16/1) (2.10 Good), Red Cape (unplaced) /Sunrise Safari (unplaced) (2.45 Good), Musca (unplaced - thrown in) /Nacho Libre (fourth - also thrown in) (3.00 Thirsk), Mujamead (third 7/2) /Shanahan (disputed, unplaced) (3.10 Bang), Spectait (unplaced) /Aspectus (travelling well right behind the winner - unplaced, should have been there) (3.25 Good), Yankee Bright (second 20/1) /Juwireya (unplaced) (4.10 Thirsk), Arumun (last) (nb)/Silmi (second 6/1) (4.20 Bang), Green Manalishi (unplaced) /Caranbola (unplaced) (4.45 Thirsk), Almaty Express (nap)/Timber Treasure (won 12/1!) (5.20 Thirsk), Tarkesar (nap) (non-runner) Bring It On Home (fifth) /Albert Park (won 14/1!) (5.30 Bang), Star Rover (third 16/1) /Goodwood Maestro (unplaced) (5.45 Good). Re-posted at 1.00 p.m. Note: I gave He's The Star as a selection on 26th July (see below) and it won today (2.25 Thirsk) at 9/1! Two other winners today at 14/1 and 12/1, which just about covers your bets at even stakes!

29th July: Today's selections: Ingleby Spirit (unplaced) /Right Step (second 40/1) (2.10 Good), The Jobber (unplaced) /The Tatling (unplaced) (2.35 Nott), Borderlescott (won 9/2) /Moorhouse Lad (led, unplaced) (2.45 Good), Scamperdale/Dragon Slayer/Donaldson (3.45 Nott), Wajir (fifth) /Tactic (unplaced) (3.25 Good), Buailteoir (nb) (won 12/1!) /Konigsbote (unplaced) (3.30 Strat), Is It Me (fourth) /Le Corvee (won 7/1!) (4.05 Strat), Rash Moment (fourth) /Glengarra (second 17/2) (4.40 Strat), Bolodenka (second 12/1)/Baltimore Jack (unplaced)(4.55 Nott), She's a Character (nap)/Rakaan (second 13/2) (5.10 Good), Matsunosuke/Berbice (5.45 Good). Posted at 1.07 p.m. Three winners, 12/1, 7/1 and 9/2, plus four places at 40/1, 12/1, 17/2 and 13/2! Hope that's better than your newspaper!

28th July: Hopefully some winners today: Baddam (ran on, seventh) /Enjoy The Moment (unplaced) (2.10 Good), Back To Paris (fourth) /Count Ceprano (won 5/2) (2.35 Red), Life And Soul (fourth 20/1) /Isabella Gem (unplaced) (4.00 Good), Sunday City (won 8/1!) /The Duke's Speech (fourth) (4.05 Perth), Ballinteni (non-runner) /Fujin Dancer (second 7/4) (4.20 Red), Tiger King (nb) (non-runner) /Storm Prospect (fourth) (4.40 Perth), Top Jaro (unplaced) /Mr Chocolate Drop (won 14/1!) (4.55 Red), Seradim (second 8/1) /Flapper (right there, dropped out) (5.10 Good), Maolisa (won 11/2!) /Moscow Mischief (fourth) (5.15 Perth), Klynch (nap) (sixth) /Carnival Dream (third 50/1!) (5.30 Red), Coasting (unplaced) /Thebes (fifth) (5.45 Good), Dream Express/Greek Secret (6.05 Red). Posted at 1.25 p.m. A better day, with four winners (14/1, 8/1, 11/2 and 5/2), and a number of places, including 50/1 and 20/1.

27th July: A few for this afternoon: Ramona Chase (unplaced) /Jo'burg (unplaced) (2.10 Good), Rosewood Lad (unplaced) /Always Dixie (disputed most, unplaced) (2.30 Bev), Fencing Master (fifth) /Theology (sixth) (2.45 Good), Dunaskin (last) /Maybeme (fourth) (3.05 Bev), Finjaan/Balthazaars Gift (3.25 Good), Boy Blue/Carnivore (3.40 Bev), Benandonner (fourth 20/1) /Mambo Spirit (fifth) /Huzzah (unplaced) (4.35 Good), King Of Swords (unplaced)/Rio Sands (second sh/hd 40/1) (4.50 Bev), Parchment (fourth) /Mississippian (clear lead, unplaced) (5.25 Bev), Classic Vintage (unplaced) /Sentry Duty (third 11/1) (5.40 Good), Emperor's Well (sixth) /Grethel (unplaced) (6.00 Bev). Posted at 1.40 p.m. A few good places, but I've had better days! You can't win with horses that are not wanted on the day.

26th July: This afternoon's top-rated: Bahama Baileys (unplaced) /Bertie Southstreet (won 6/1!) (2.15)Yar), Landucci (unplaced) /Doctors Cave (unplaced) (2.30 Wolv), Provost (second 7/1) /Guildenstern (unplaced) (3.00 Wolv), He's The Star (unplaced) (won 9/1 30th July) /Prophet In A Dream (second 13/2) (3.30 Wolv), Hustle (unplaced) /Malcheek (third) (3.45 Yar), Barataria (nb) (sixth) /Easy Wonder (third 20/1) (4.15 Yar), Yungaburra (led much, unplaced)/Loyal Royal (second 16/1) (4.30 Wolv), Green Manalishi (nap)/Angus Newz (4.45 Yar), St Savarin (sixth) /Dubburg (unplaced) (5.30 Wolv), Stage Acclaim (won evens) /Snowberry Hill (third) (5.15 Yar), Flighty Fellow (unplaced) /Queen Of Thebes (unplaced) (6.00 Wolv). Posted at 12.13 p.m. Two winners, a number of places and a lot of disappointing horses. A typical day, which you get used to!

25th July: Today's top-rated: Moody Tunes (second 3/1) /Kashimin (fourth) (2.25 Carl), Regal Lyric (made ground, unplaced) (nb)/Winged Farasi (fourth) (2.40 Pont), Hartshead (unplaced) /Geojimali (unplaced) (3.00 Carl), Sea Land/Rowan Lodge (non-runner) (3.15 Pont), Avow(unplaced)/Perfect Ch'i (unplaced) (3.25 Asc), Kings Head (unplaced) /Film Festival (won 14/1!) (3.35 Carl), Dishdasha (unplaced) /Credit Swap (unplaced) (4.00 Asc), Reach For The Sky (unplaced) /Dancing Freddy (second 6/1) (4.10 Carl), Stevie Gee (won 17/2) /Orpsie Boy (unplaced) (4.25 Pont), Record Breaker/Ouster (4.35 Asc), Matsunosuke (nap) (second 33/1)/Hoh Hoh Hoh (unplaced)(5.10 Asc), Hot Rod Mamma (hacking, fifth)/Leaving Alone (third 13/2) (5.20 Carl). Posted at 11.42 a.m. Not too bad, a couple of winners at 14/1 and 17/2, a 33/1 place at one quarter the odds, and one or two others.

24th July: It's a Saturday, and a lot to pick from today! A lot of good bets, but will they win? Dabbers Ridge (third 16/1) /Bomber Command (led, unplaced) (1.30 Asc), Classic Punch (won 5/2!)/Cwm Rhondda (unplaced) (2.15 Newm), Musaafer (led, fifth)/Spa's Dancer (unplaced) (3.15 Asc), Waveband (second 13/2) /Absa Lutte (unplaced) (3.20 Newm), Damika (unplaced) /Damien (sixth) (3.40 York), Advanced (unplaced) /Gallagher (sixth) (3.50 Asc), Beckermet (nap) (unplaced)/ Game Lad (second 11/1) (4.05 Newc), Palomar (fifth) /Wicked Daze (won 12/1!) (4.45 York), Van Bossed (unplaced) (nb)/Lakeman (fourth) (5.15 Newc), Bold Marc (unplaced) /Spiritofthewest (unplaced)(5.20 York), Avertuoso (unplaced)/Divine Spirit (third 16/1) (5.50 Newc), Orpen Wide/Bourse (6.20 Newc). That should be enough to go on with! Re-posted with additions at 1.15 p.m. A couple of winners and a few places, but a typical Saturday for me!

23rd July: This afternoon's selections: Bell's Ocean (unplaced - does it matter?) /Emeralds Spirit (won 50/1!) (2.00 Thirsk), Dasher Reilly (another rubbish run - yes!?)/Sahara Prince (unplaced)/Scalini's (unplaced) (2.20 South), Cute N You Know It (fifth) (2.55 South), Blue Angel (unplaced) /Chachamaidee (missed break, second 8/1) (3.20 Asc), Winter Star (non-runner) /Haka Dancer (bad mistake - third) (3.30 South), Centennial (unplaced) /Sohcatoa (unplaced) (3.55 Asc), Alph (won 7/1!)/Is It Me (third 7/1) (4.40 South), Ensigns Trick (led, unplaced)/Clumber Place (third 8/1) (4.55 Thirsk), Red Somerset(nb) (clear lead, unplaced) /Avonrose (won 9/2!) (5.05 Asc), Chrysander (non-runner) /Reel Missile (third) (5.15 South), King Of Swords (nap) (third 5/1)/Blessed Place (unplaced) (5.30 Thirsk). Posted at 12.33 p.m. That's 3 winners at 50/1, 7/1 and 9/2, 4 places and 2 non-runners.

22nd July: Boo (fourth)/Richo (hacking behind, unplaced) (2.35 Utt), War Of The Roses (second 9/2) /Looks The Business (fifth) (2.55 Bath), Three Ships (nb) (won 9/1!)/Edgefour (second 4/1) (forecast £42.69!) (3.10 Utt), Flyinflyout (unplaced) /Fever Tree (second 9/4) (3.30 Bath), Captain Macarry (led most, fourth) /Whistleinthewind (non-runner) (3.55 Sand), Force To Spend (third 16/1 - I didn't know it would be a 7 horse race!) /Dancing Poppy (unplaced) (4.05 Bath), Quincy Des Pictons/Red Jester (second 7/2) (4.50 Utt), Art Market (nap) (unplaced) /Calabaza (unplaced) /Lastkingofscotland (fourth) (5.00 Sand), Witchry (third 12/1) /Like For Like (unplaced) (Stamford Blue non-runner) (5.10 Bath), Sir Tamburlane(unplaced) /Miss Galross (pulled up) (5.20 Utt), Avongate (fifth)/Leleyf (fourth)(5.40 Bath). Re-posted at 11.40 a.m. I have underlined the fourth places, because I think they are taking the p...! That is the ultimate insult for the form student, as no return for hard work!

21st July: Itzacliche (led, unplaced) /Bathwick Breeze (fifth) (2.20 Worcs), Box Of Frogs e/w (unplaced) (2.40 Catt), Fromsong (unplaced) /Not My Choice (unplaced) (3.00 Ling), Shergill (won 9/1!) /Penric (u/r) (3.20 Worcs), Island Legend (third 10/1) /Figaro Flyer (unplaced) (3.30 Ling), Mullglen (unplaced) /Mey Blossom (second 7/2) (3.40 Catt), Golden Square/Rince Donn (3.50 Worcs), Almaty Express/Captain Royale (4.10 Catt), Marked Man (12/1 winner!) /Young Tot (fifth) (4.20 Worcs), Galpin Junior (won 11/4)/Raccoon (second 9/1) (forecast given in the right order, paying £26.50!) (4.40 Catt), Deep Reflection (won 8/1!) /Roisins Prince (unplaced) (4.50 Worcs), Parchment (hacking, unplaced) /Marino Prince (fourth) (5.10 Catt), Kipchak (unplaced) /Copperwood (third 5/1) (5.30 Ling), Nobel (second 10/1) /Monsieur (fifth) (5.50 Worcs). Four winners and five places!

20th July: This afternoon's selections; He's A Humbug (fourth) /Sweet Applause (unplaced) (2.45 Yar), Albacocca (won 13/2!) /Polebrook (third - seven horse race) (3.15 Yar), Mutadarrej (third 7/2) /Williams Way (unplaced) (3.30 Ffos), Al Rayanah (third 20/1) /Chantilly Dancer (unplaced) (3.45 Yar), Huzzah (last) /Zubova (fourth) (4.00 Ffos), Norcroft (nap) (clear lead, unplaced) /This Ones For Eddy (unplaced) (4.15 Yar), Westwood (third) /Memphis Man (fourth) (4.30 Ffos), Librettista (fourth) (4.45 Yar), Gold Ring (last) /Gandalf (second) (5.00 Ffos), Russian Rocket (nb) (last) /Bookiesindex Boy (fifth) (5.15 Yar). Note that I also fancy Valdan (non-runner) in the 5.00 Ffos Las if either or both of the others does not perform.

Bangor: Donovan (last) (nb)/Dunkelly Castle (second 5/2) (6.10), Sunday City (unseated) /Good Company (fourth)(6.40), Magical Legend (third)/Call Me Mulligan (fourth) (7.10), Totoman (won 2/1) /King Of The Moors (non-runner) (7.40), Whimper (fourth) /My Condor (non-runner)(8.10), Tarkesar (unplaced) /Bajan Sunshine (non-runner) (8.40), Mujamead (nap) (third 8/1) /Humourous (non-runner) (9.10). Posted at 12 noon. Quite a few non-runners, which rather ruined the selections.

19th July: Today's selections: Cold Quest(nb)(last) /King's Jester (unplaced) (3.00 Ayr), Crocodile Bay (unplaced)/Primo Way (fourth) (3.30 Ayr), A Pocketful Of Rye (second 12/1)/Watch Chain (won 13/2!) (3.45 Yar), King's Head (nap) (non-runner) /Ohana (unplaced) (4.00 Ayr), Spinning Waters (third 7/1)/Mayfair's Future (second 13/2) (4.15 Yar), Cheveton (third 6/1) /Wi Dud (unplaced) (4.30 Ayr), Commando Scott (unplaced) /River Falcon (fourth) (5.00 Ayr), Reach For The Sky (second 28/1) /The Human League (heavily gambled - unplaced) (5.30 Ayr), The Two G's (unplaced) /Thewinnatakesitall (second 8/1) (6.00 Ayr). A winner and a few good places today (including a forecast in the 3.30 Ayr).

18th July: Royal Indulgence (unplaced) /Efidium (fifth) (2.40 Red), Gower Sophia (fourth) /On The Piste (second 16/1) (3.10 Red), Whataboutya (third 14/1) /Sea Wall (won 20/1!) (3.20 Strat), Procas De Thaix (pulled up)/Quaddick Lake (fourth) (3.30 Newt), Ballinteni (won 5/2) /Kashimin (unplaced) (3.45 Red), Pauillac (unplaced) /Strong Coffee (won 25/1!) (4.00 Newt), Red Cape (third 5/2) /Just Sam (second 8/1) (Tabaret non-runner) (4.20 Red), Tampa Boy (won 11/2) /Chevy To The Levy (unplaced) (4.25 Strat), Risk Challenge (fifth) /Apache Dawn (non-runner) (4.55 Strat), Tres Froide (non-runner) /Boy Racer (unplaced) (5.20 Red). Just shows when they try, they win! Not too bad today, a 25/1 winner, a 20/1 winner, an 11/2 winner, a 5/2 winner, a 16/1 place, a 14/1 place and an 8/1 place!

17th July: Nordwind (unplaced) /Acambo (unplaced) (2.00 Mkt), Becue Adoree (unplaced) /Snoqualmie Girl (second 10/1) (Gallic Star non-runner) (2.30 Newm), Amary/Ella Gorrie Mou (2.45 Newb), Royal Record/Hill Of Miller (2.55 Rip), Special Envoy (broke down) /Corkage (unplaced) (3.05 Mkt), Rosbay (unplaced) /Moheebb (unplaced) (3.25 Rip), Chaussini (unplaced) /Kerrys Requiem (unplaced) (3.30 Newm), Silverburn (fourth 18/1) /Stan (unplaced) (3.35 Mkt), Bolodenka (sixth) /Jackson (unplaced) (Cara's Request non-runner) (4.35 Rip), Swordsman (unplaced) /Graylyn Ruby (unplaced) (5.05 Newb), Sea Crest (fourth) /Chushka (won 11/4) (5.10 Rip), Tabaret (unplaced) /Rievaulx World (unplaced) (5.15 Newm), Wee Forbees (sixth) /Nesnaas (unplaced) (5.20 Mkt), Peter Tchaikovsky/Top Jaro (5.40 Rip). That's plenty of losers for one day! Note: Judgethemoment (4.40 Newm) and Indian Pipe Dream (4.45 Mkt) should win if wanted, but you never know in small races!

16th July: Too many maiden races for my liking today, but a few other selections: Fair Bunny (unplaced) /Cookie Galore (unplaced) (2.10 Nott), Highland Warrior (unplaced) /Northern Dare (unplaced) (2.50 Hay), Tasmeem (unplaced) /Dancing Red Devil (third 25/1) (3.30 Hay), Silver Symphony (unplaced) /Love Action (third 9/1) (3.45 New), Rainbow Mirage (unplaced) /San Antonio (unplaced) (3.55 Nott), Peopleton Brook (unplaced) /The Jobber (unplaced) (4.20 New), Kings Point (unplaced) /Timber Treasure (unplaced) (4.40 Hay), Sohcatoa (unplaced) /Strategic Mission (unplaced) (4.55 New), Ra Junior (fourth)/Cool Barranca (third) (5.15 Hay).

15th July: Probably can't equal or improve on yesterday, but here goes: Mr Macattack (fourth) /Hobson (fifth) (2.10 Leics), Risk Runner (third 13/2)/Kind Heart (second 5/2) (2.30 Cart), Galpin Junior (third 18/1) /Bonnie Prince Blue (second 11/4) (2.50 Hamilton), Lukie Victor (unplaced) /Peak Seasons (second 11/1) (3.05 Cart), Royal Holiday (unplaced)/Catbells (unplaced) (3.25 Leics), Petite Margot (fourth)/Parc Na Gcapall (non-runner) (3.40 Cart), Klynch (unplaced) /Geojimali (unplaced) (4.35 Ham), Rare Coincidence (won 10/1!)/Cannon Fire (second 4/1) (4.50 Cart), Zaif (fifth)/Marino Prince (fourth) (5.00 Leics), Santiago Atitlan (unplaced)/Lake Chini (fourth) (5.10 Ham), Peopleton Brook (fourth) /Tag Team (led, unplaced) (5.30 Leics). If you don't like Graham tipping you, finish fourth or fifth (hehe)!

14th July: This afternoon's top-rated: Swordsman (second 16/1) (2.30 Ling), Tora Petcha (unplaced)/Holoko Heights (won 9/2) (2.40 Utt), Lindoro (third 9/4)/Musca (second 22/1) (2.50 Catt), The Duke's Speech (second 16/1)/Cadoulitique (unplaced) (3.10 Utt), Film Festival (second 7/4) /Lucayan Dancer (fifth)(3.20 Catt), Balladeer (second 25/1) /Triggernometry (unplaced) (3.40 Utt), Heretoeternity (unplaced) /Cinaman (second 7/2) (4.10 Utt), Danceintothelight (second 11/1) /Lava Lamp (unplaced) (4.20 Catt), Docofthebay (unplaced) /Benandonner (won 7/1!) (4.30 Ling), Favours Brave (second 5/1)/Erdeli (bad mistake, fourth) (4.40 Utt), George Benjamin (won 2/1)/Viking Warrior (second 7/4) (4.50 Catt), Dream Number/Faithful Duchess (8/1 third) (5.00 Ling). Note that Tislaam (third) is best in on past performances for the 4.50 Catterick, but not sure if it will win on these terms.

13th July: Today's top-rated: Almaty Express (unplaced) /Best One (won 12/1!) (2.10 Bright), Jupiter Fidius (won 8/1!)/Saxby (third 4/1) (2.30 Bev), Forest Dane (fifth) (2.40 Bright), Ninth House (unplaced) /Kings Sabre (unplaced) (3.00 Bev), Palomar (third 10/1)/They All Laughed (unplaced) (3.30 Bev), Easy Wonder/Prince Valentine (fourth)(3.40 Bright), Reddy To Star (unplaced) /Sophies Beau (unplaced) (4.00 Bev), Rosy Dawn (second 13/2) /Farncombe (unplaced) (4.10 Bright), Tournedos (unplaced) /Welcome Approach (fifth) (4.30 Bev), Le Corvee (won 7/2) /Turners Touch (hacking, unplaced!) (4.40 Bright), Azygous (unseated rider - prat!)/Divine Spirit (fourth) (5.00 Bev), Royal Composer (second 14/1) /Emperor's Well (unplaced) (5.30 Bev).

12th July: I have included a few from Ireland today, as the UK selection is limited: The Bear (won 6/1)/Mandarin Spirit (third 13/2) (2.30 Ayr), Faynita (unplaced) /Invincible Vibes (unplaced) (2.40 Dundalk), Rothesay Dancer (unplaced)/Requisite (third 11/2)(3.00 Ayr), James Pollard (unplaced) /Aragall (second 11/4) (3.20 Ffos), Captain Imperial (led, unplaced) /Carlitos Spirit (third 4/1) (3.30 Ayr), Scopey (fifth) /Alf Tupper (unplaced) (4.10 Dun), Deal Clincher (unplaced)/Talk Of Saafend (second 11/1) (4.30 Ayr), Diamondgeezer Luke (unplaced) (4.50 Ffos), Akram (unplaced)/Matters At Hand (unplaced) (5.10 Dun), Vital Plot (sixth) (5.40 Dun).

11th July: Three jumps meetings today, which should mean better results, but don't hold your breath! Today's top-rated: Lukie Victor (unplaced) /My Condor (led, unplaced) (2.20 South), Take A Mile (slipped up)/Cherokee Star (also slipped up!) (2.30 Strat), Stumped/Tout Regulier (won 3/1)(3.00 Strat), Dasher Reilly (last, almost as expected)(3.20 South), Stan (pulled up)/Storm Of Applause (unplaced) (3.30 Strat), Follow On(unplaced) /Catch The Perk (last) (3.40 Perth), Donovan (unplaced) /Orion Express (made ground, unplaced) (4.20 South), Sahara Prince (in front at the last, fourth) /Barton Sun (won 7/1 from 12/1) (4.30 Strat), Front Rank (second 14/1) /Guerilla (unplaced) (4.40 Perth), Treasury Counsel (second 7/2)/Vicentio (unplaced) (4.50 South), Sadlers Star (unplaced)/Blue Express (fifth) (5.00 Strat).

10th July: River Falcon e/w (unplaced) (2.00 York), Mujaadel (unplaced)/Billie Dane (led most, unplaced) (2.30 York), Barastar (fourth) (2.35 Nott), Carcinetto (unplaced) /Dragon Slayer (unplaced) (2.45 Chest), Snoqualmie Boy (disputed lead, unplaced) /Jo'burg (second 7/1) (3.30 Asc), Vhujon (won 7/4) /King Of Swords (third, just pipped for the forecast) (3.10 Nott), Mojave Moon (unplaced) (3.40 York), Inchnadamph (unplaced - nap next time) (3.55 Chest), Hilbre Court (unplaced) /Eastern Gift (won 6/1!) (4.35 Nott), Rowe Park (won 10/1!) (4.40 Asc), Wyatt Earp (5.05 Chest), Brandywell Boy (won 7/1!) /Berbice (fourth) (5.15 Asc).

9th July: Selections: Gallagher (unplaced)/Advanced (unplaced) (2.35 Newmarket), Jaconet (unplaced) (2.45 York), Urban Poet (unplaced) (3.00 Asc), Showcasing (unplaced) (3.10 New), Fishforcompliments (second 6/1) (nb)/Zomerlust (fourth 12/1) (3.20 York), Victorian Bounty (unplaced) (4.10 Asc), Wise Dennis (sixth)/Baylini (fifth) (4.45 Asc), Bon Spiel (e/w)/Mull of Dubai (4.55 New), Bravely/Highland Warrior (5.05 York), Sgt Schultz (nap) (5.20 Asc).

5th July 2010 (+ alternatives): Spic N Span (led much)/Matterofact (third) (3.00 Bath), Warrior Nation (led much)/Forty Thirty (unplaced) (3.30 Bath), Ginolad (pulled up - well it was one of my dark horses)/Mr Ed (fifth, ran on)(3.45 Newt), Crathorne (won 20/1)/Shore Thing (second 9/4) (4.15 Newt), Smart Endeavour (third)/Unlimited (unplaced)(4.30 Bath), Knightsbridge Hill (finished like a rocket)/Captain Marlon (third 12/1) (4.45 Newt), Yurituni (second)/Mrs Mogg (third) (5.00 Bath), Nothing Is Forever (led most again, fourth this time)/Medicean (unplaced)(5.15 Newt), Caribbean Coral (hacking/unplaced)/Loyal Royal (right there on rail/unplaced) (5.30 Bath).

6th July 2010: Divertimenti (second)/Song Of Praise (fourth) (2.15 Wolv), Calmdownmate (unplaced) /Silver Hotspur (unplaced) (2.45 Wolv), Epic/River Ardeche (third 14/1) (3.00 Pont), Red Kestrel (unplaced)/Kansai Spirit (fifth) (3.15 Wolv), Leleyf (unplaced) /Tillys Tale (third 25/1) (3.30 Pont), Full Victory (third)/Bookiebasher Babe (3.45 Wolv), Please Sing (second)/Tropical Paradise (third)(4.00 Pont), Dickie Le Davoir (unplced)/Green Manalishi (unplaced) (4.30 Pont), Crocodile Bay (won 13/2)/Guildenstern (second 8/1) (5.15 Wolv), Danceintothelight (third) (5.30 Pont).

7th July: Don't Tell Mary (unplaced)/Seeking Dubai (unplaced) (1.30 New), Mister Hughie (unplaced) /Take Ten (fourth 22/1) (2.00 New), Just The Tonic (won 4/1)/Merchant Of Medici (third) (2.50 Catt), Act Of Kalanisi (third)/Bergonzi (won 100/30) (3.20 Catt), Yarra River (third 9/2) /Pippbrook Minister (unplaced) (Takajan N/R) (3.30 Ling), Reach For The Sky (third)/The Hermitage (second) (3.55 Catt), Mata Keranjang/Sing Sweetly (third 6/1) (4.20 New), Dhhamaan (won 9/1!) /Fathey (unplaced) (4.30 Catt), Brave Ghurka (fifth) /Flyinflyout (unplaced) (4.40 Ling), Nuit Sombre (fifth - ridiculous)/Rainbow Bay (unplaced) (5.05 Catt), Valmari (non-runner)/Astral Flower (second) (5.15 Ling), Hurricane Hymnbook (non-runner) /Jake The Snake (non-runner) (5.30 New).

8th July: I will provide just one selection for most races today, as that will mean less losers if both lose in the same race. At the same time it may mean missing a winner! Pytheas (cantering, third 8/1) (2.10 Folk), Aquarian Spirit (unplaced) (2.35 New), Carcinetto (nb) (unplaced) (2.55 War), Ten Down (last - next time!) (3.20 Folk), State Fair (unplaced) (3.30 War), Indian Trail (unplaced)/Tabaret (made ground, unplaced) (4.55 New), Ivory Lace (nap) (unplaced -ugh!) (5.05 Folk), Memphis Man e/w (fifth) (4.40 War), Yurituni (fifth) /Morgan's Choice (second 25/1) e/w (5.15 War).