Mining Division 1 Fixtures & Results 2007/2008

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We list below the season's fixtures and results. Other Divisions and tables can be viewed by clicking the links below.

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Mining Snooker Report

                             MINING DIVISION FIXTURES 2007/2008       
                             SNOOKER DIVISION  1 

                    ALL MATCHES TO COMMENCE BEFORE 7.15 p.m.

21st September         
Clinton SC A 2 Redruth B Rail 3 (Scott Bray 48) Penponds 4 Leedstown 1 St Day 3 Breage 2 (Carl Boundy 58, Justin Watters 58) Clinton SC B 3 Bell's Court 2 (Jason Grigor 35) Lanner 4 Playing Place 1 Cam Conservative 2 Illogan HI 3 Redruth RBL 4 Godolphin Club 1 (Terry Kempe 44 & 31,Alan Hurley 40 & 37, Rob Bennetts 42) 28th September
Leedstown 1 Clinton SC A 4 (Steve Downing 72 break) Redruth B Rail 1 Redruth RBL 4 (Jamie Read 36 break) Breage 0 Penponds 5 (Keith Hosking 38, Cornie Piredda 31) Bell's Court 2 St Day 3 Playing Place 1 Clinton SC B 4 Illogan HI 5 Lanner 0 Godolphin Club 3 Cam Conservative 2 5th October
Clinton SC A 4 Breage 1 Redruth B Rail 3 Leedstown 2 Penponds 4 Bell's Court 1 St Day 3 Playing Place
Clinton SC B 2 Illogan HI 3 (Chris Wills 35 break) Lanner 1 Godolphin Club 4 Cam Conservative 2 Redruth RBL 3 (Alan Hurley 30 & 30) 12th October
Bell's Court 1 Clinton SC A 4 (Paul Wiilliams 41 lost to Steve Downing) Breage 2 Redruth B Rail 3 (Justin Watters 43, Jason Kempthorne 39) Redruth RBL 5 Leedstown 0 (Alan Hurley 64, Jamie Read 59,Terry Kempe 54, Rob Bennetts 50) Playing Place 2 Penponds 3 Illogan HI 4 St Day 1 Godolphin Club 5 Clinton SC B 0 (JP Williams 33, Simon Morrish 30 & 27) Cam Conservative 3 Lanner 2 19th October
Clinton SC A 4 Playing Place 1 Redruth B Rail 3 Bell's Court 2 Leedstown 1 Breage 4 Penponds 2 Illogan HI 3 St Day 2 Godolphin Club 3 (John Dunn 70) Clinton SC B 4 Cam Conservative 1 Lanner 0 Redruth RBL 5 (Rob Bennetts 60) 26th October
Illogan HI 1 Clinton SC A 4 Playing Place 3 Redruth B Rail 2 Bell's Court 5 Leedstown 0 Redruth RBL 5 Breage 0 Godolphin Club 2 Penponds 3 Cam Conservative 3 St Day 2 (Clive Roberts 30)
Lanner 1 Clinton SC B 4 Results Cards to: Mr. L.G.Allen, 3,Carnarthen Moor, Carn Brea, Redruth TR15 3YQ. (Tel. 01209 714100) THESE MUST BE RECEIVED BY TUESDAY FOLLOWING MATCH. Div 1 Home Captains are asked to phone their result to the Results Secretary before noon on Saturday. FULL results may also be emailed by Saturday noon to DIVISION 1 Page 2 2nd November
Clinton SC A 4 Godolphin Club 1 Redruth B Rail 1 Illogan HI 4 Leedstown 3 Playing Place 2 Breage 1 Bell's Court 4 Penponds 2 Cam Conservative 3 St Day 5 Lanner 0 Clinton SC B 0 Redruth RBL 5 (Alan Hurley 39) 9th November
Cam Conservative 0 Clinton SC A 5 (Steve Downing 44, Scott Bray 33,Phil Lane 31) Godolphin Club 2 Redruth B Rail 3 (Jason Kempthorne 44) Illogan HI 2 Leedstown 3 (Nick Mutter 42) Playing Place 3 Breage 2 Redruth RBL 2 Bell's Court 3 (Andy Hicks 66, Terry Kempe 65, Alan Hurley 33 & 53) Lanner 0 Penponds 5 Clinton SC B 2 St Day 3 (Dan Spry 32) 16th November
Clinton SC A 5 Lanner 0 (Steve Downing 68, Gary Bray 61 & 35) Redruth B Rail 5 Cam Conservative 0 (Robert Mason 42) Leedstown 3 Godolphin Club 2 (Chris Timmins 56 & 52) Breage 1 Illogan HI 4 Bell's Court 4 Playing Place 1 (Bobby Southworth 40, Andy Hicks 43) Penponds 3 Clinton SC B 2 (Cornie Piredda 37, Simon Hosking 40, Dan Spry Clinton 41) St Day 3 Redruth RBL 2 23rd November
Clinton SC B 1 Clinton SC A 4 (Gary Bray 72 break - equals highest) Lanner 2 Redruth B Rail 3 Cam Conservative 1 Leedstown 4 Godolphin Club 2 Breage 3 Illogan HI 3 Bell's Court 2 (Andy Hicks 84) Redruth RBL 4 Playing Place 1 (Terry Kempe 46, Rob Bennetts 44, Alan Hurley 38, Martyn Bawden PP 42) St Day 1 Penponds 4 30th November
Clinton SC A 4 St Day 1 Redruth B Rail 3 Clinton SC B 2 Leedstown 2 Lanner 3 Breage 3 Cam Conservative 2 Bell's Court 4 Godolphin Club 1 (Paul Williams 99, Bobby Southworth 31)
Playing Place 1 Illogan HI 4 Penponds 3 Redruth RBL 2 7th December
Penponds 1 Clinton SC A 4 (Graham Denning 47 & 32) St Day 2 Redruth B Rail 3 Clinton SC B 2 Leedstown 3 Lanner 2 Breage 3 (Justin Watters 50) Cam Conservative 0 Bell's Court 5 (Andy Hicks 51, Chris Mason 36) Godolphin Club 1 Playing Place 4 (Phil Davey 52) Redruth RBL 0 Illogan HI 5 14th December
Clinton SC A 3 Redruth RBL 2 Redruth B Rail 4 Penponds 1 Leedstown 1 St Day 4 Breage 2 Clinton SC B 3 (Darren Davey 36, Dan Spry 39) Bell's Court 4 Lanner 1 (Bobby Southworth 51 & 48, Paul Williams 33)
Playing Place 3 Cam Conservative 2 Illogan HI 3 Godolphin Club 2 (Chris Timmins 41) 21st December
Godolphin Club 2 Redruth RBL 3 (Rob Bennetts 35, Chris Timmins 31) Illogan HI 4 Cam Conservative 1 Playing Place 3 Lanner 2 Bell's Court 3 Clinton SC B 2 Breage 1 St Day 4 (Mark Bray 64) Leedstown 4 Penponds 1 Redruth B Rail 0 Clinton SC A 5 (Gary Bray 44) Apologies that the remaining matches have not been updated. 4th January Cam Conservative v Godolphin Club Lanner v Illogan HI Clinton SC B v Playing Place St Day v Bell's Court Penponds v Breage Redruth RBL v Redruth B Rail Clinton SC A v Leedstown 11th January Redruth RBL v Cam Conservative Godolphin Club v Lanner Illogan HI v Clinton SC B Playing Place v St Day Bell's Court v Penponds Leedstown v Redruth B Rail Breage v Clinton SC A 18th January Lanner v Cam Conservative Clinton SC B v Godolphin Club St Day v Illogan HI Penponds v Playing Place Leedstown v Redruth RBL Redruth B Rail v Breage Clinton SC A v Bell's Court 25th January Redruth RBL v Lanner Cam Conservative v Clinton SC B Godolphin Club v St Day Illogan HI v Penponds Breage v Leedstown Bell's Court v Redruth B Rail Playing Place v Clinton SC A 1st February Clinton SC B v Lanner St Day v Cam Conservative Penponds v Godolphin Club Breage v Redruth RBL Leedstown v Bell's Court Redruth B Rail v Playing Place Clinton SC A v Illogan HI 8th February Redruth RBL v Clinton SC B Lanner v St Day Cam Conservative v Penponds Bell's Court v Breage Playing Place v Leedstown Illogan HI v Redruth B Rail Godolphin Club v Clinton SC A DIVISION 1 Page 4 15th February St Day v Clinton SC B Penponds v Lanner Bell's Court v Redruth RBL Breage v Playing Place Leedstown v Illogan HI Redruth B Rail v Godolphin Club Clinton SC A v Cam Conservative 22nd February Redruth RBL v St Day Clinton SC B v Penponds Playing Place v Bell's Court Illogan HI v Breage Godolphin Club v Leedstown Cam Conservative v Redruth B Rail Lanner v Clinton SC A 29th February Penponds v St Day Playing Place v Redruth RBL Bell's Court v Illogan HI Breage v Godolphin Club Leedstown v Cam Conservative Redruth B Rail v Lanner Clinton SC A v Clinton SC B 7th March Redruth RBL v Penponds Illogan HI v Playing Place Godolphin Club v Bell's Court Cam Conservative v Breage Lanner v Leedstown Clinton SC B v Redruth B Rail St Day v Clinton SC A 14th March Illogan HI v Redruth RBL Playing Place v Godolphin Club Bell's Court v Cam Conservative Breage v Lanner Leedstown v Clinton SC B Redruth B Rail v St Day Clinton SC A v Penponds THURSDAY 20th March Godolphin Club v Illogan HI Cam Conservative v Playing Place Lanner v Bell's Court Clinton SC B v Breage St Day v Leedstown Penponds v Redruth B Rail Redruth RBL v Clinton SC A We hope you have enjoyed the season. Many thanks to captains or club secretaries for sending, telephoning or emailing your results promptly.