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Films, Slideshows and Photos of Cornish Mines as they are today!

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The Wheal of Hope: A Tribute to Cornish Tin Mining

Cornish Mining: The Techniques of Metal Mining in the West of England, Past and Present

Tin and Tin Mining (Shire Library)

A History of Tin Mining and Smelting in Cornwall

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{short description of image}We have been working on a project to cater for the vast number of people who are interested in Cornish mines and mining. The project was to film as many of the mine ruins as possible, including the routes taken to reach them. Many of these mines are almost on our doorstep! We are now making these available for the many people who cannot visit them personally. We hope you will take this opportunity to view them yourselves and that they will encourage you to make the trip to this beautiful part of England.
{short description of image}We have also produced ten slideshows for purchase on CD ROM, with magnificent views, great scenery and stunning music, drawing on our huge range of photos of {short description of image}mines and Cornwall views. {short description of image}

Cornish Mines Today DVD's

{short description of image}We currently have available a choice of DVD's which we have researched and filmed ourselves, showing Cornish tin (or copper) mines as they actually were quite recently. We have visited a number of mines (e.g. Lyle's Engine House, Carnkie, above) and produced this footage (PAL only) for the benefit of those who cannot make the trip to Cornwall for themselves. Although these are camcorder videos, they are in colour, digital, and of excellent quality and clarity. We do not guarantee our own technical expertise on all aspects of mines and equipment, but you can rest assured that we have done our best to produce original footage of Cornish mines, with commentary, that is unavailable elsewhere. Our local knowledge, having lived all our lives in the heart of the mining area, gives us a unique advantage. Many of these ruins and restored buildings and trails are almost on our doorstep! With my assistant, Christian (who has also contributed some of the scenes) we have spent many hours researching, travelling by car to the sites and walking the various routes involved. A little encouragement from you to continue our work would be most welcome! We have filmed both inside and outside the engine houses, the views down mineshafts and up chimneys and the areas around the mines.{short description of image}

{short description of image} Please note that these DVD's are not compatible with NTSC (US type) players, so a specialist PAL(Region 2) player will be required. However, many NTSC players now incorporate the facility to view PAL Region 2 DVD's.

{short description of image}Cornish Mines Today Sample Visits
We would like to give you here details of the contents, to give you a taste of the journeys and the work involved in filming this footage.
The series contains various visits made by car and on foot: e.g. Dolcoath Mine (main house), Williams' Shaft and Wheal Harriet, Wheal Frances & Wheal Basset and West Basset Stamps.

Each DVD is around 3-4 hours in duration.
West Basset Stamps and Lyle's
A sample description of a visit to West Basset Stamps and Lyle's Engine Houses, Carnkie, near Redruth, in the shadow of Carn Brea Hill. After exploring the pumping engine and whim engine houses at Lyle's, we film the view down Lyle's shaft, where a number of wires and workmen's debris can be seen clearly at the bottom. We then walk up the hill to view the West Basset dressing floors, the vanner house, the stamps engine house and the calciner stack. We take in the beautiful views of Carn Brea, Four Lanes and the village of Carnkie. We look upwards inside the stack. We look towards the former Basset Count House, Wheal Basset Stamps and Seleggan smelting works. The whole site took us around two hours to explore. A truly rewarding visit, with a tremendous number of the old buildings to be seen and glorious Cornish hill and village scenery.

Other visits made by car and on foot: Tincroft & Cook's Kitchen, Marshall's Shaft, Troon, Carn Brea & East Pool, and Wheal Prosper & Wheal Trewavas.
{short description of image}Carn Brea and East Pool is a journey on foot from the Mineral Tramways Centre at the former Carn Brea Station, along the base of Carn Brea to view the sites of Wheal Fanny and Western Shaft, the site of the former Carn Brea loco works, the concrete loadings of the old steam hoist at Old Sump Shaft, the stepped stack and stamps house of the former Tregajorran mine, the mine ponds and the sites of various engine houses and shafts. We look up to the summit of Carn Brea with its castle, monument (built in 1837 in memory of Lord Francis Basset, Baron de Dunstanville), and Elephant Rock. We then pass the concrete works where Barker's Shaft lies concealed and see the route of the old Portreath branch line with the Railway Inn standing near its course. Passing along the main road, we reach Safeway, where Robarte's Shaft is now enclosed in a concrete bunker. We survey Taylor's pumping engine house nearby, and take an extended look at the 'working' whim engine of Michell's Shaft at the Discovery Centre. Completing our circular tour, we pass South Crofty former headquarters, inspect the memorial outside the house where Richard Trevithick was born, and see where Martin's East Shaft and engine house once stood. Finally we arrive at Carn Brea Station and look at old photographs of the station and steam engines and a map of the area, including where we have been today. The whole journey took around 3 hours, but lasts around half an hour on tape or DVD.
We hope that has inspired you to give this DVD a try. Hope you enjoy it!
Other visits:
King Edward Mine Open Day (including the Californian stamps in operation), Ding Dong Mine (Penzance), West Kitty, Polberro & Trevaunance (St Agnes), and the Pascoe's, Daubuz & Fortescue's Houses (Wheal Basset and Wheal Grenville).
Pascoe's, Daubuz' and Fortescue's is again an excursion on foot from South Wheal Frances, Marriott's Shaft site, to the Pascoe's engine houses, Daubuz' and finally Wheal Grenville's Fortescue's engine houses. Again the whole panorama of old mines and glorious countryside opens up as we walk through small villages, down country lanes and across country. We return by the same route.
We hope that this has inspired you to give this volume a try. Hope you enjoy it!

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